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OPMT 620 Team Case Study

Arvind Lifestyle Brands, Ltd., From Concept to Shelf


  1. Discuss ALBL as a fashion company and how it fits into the global fashion industry
  2. Discuss the ALBL supply chain and the material and information flows
  3. What are the challenges ALBL faces
  4. Which should be chosen and why? What measures should be taken to incorporate the current season learnings in the design cycle for a realistic design approach?
  5. What does the future look like for ALBL
  6. How does technology impact the company’s future?

This is a Team paper. An approximately equal division of labor is expected among your team members. The paper must be written in APA format.

One final APA-formatted copy of your team’s paper should be uploaded to the upload like that will be provided. There will be a separate upload link for the individual portions of your papers which does not need to be formatted. This is to be uploaded for each of you individually to check for plagiarism and equality of effort. You will receive a group grade for this and for your team presentation unless these issues are present.

You paper is due the last Sunday of the eleventh week of class at midnight. No late papers will be accepted

Your team presentation will be on the last day of class. Your team will have five minutes to present your findings to the class after the final exam.

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