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What factors did Congress mandate to be considered in determining whether indebtedness is classified as debt or equity for tax purposes?


Say you are planning to start a new business. You expect to have losses for the first 2 years and then achieve significant profits. But, in order to grow, you will need to be able to keep the after-tax earnings. You also want to limit your liability. How will you structure your business and why?

Title: The State of Social Entrepreneurship in a country in Asia, Latin America or Africa

You will produce an information-rich PowerPoint Presentation on the state of Social Entrepreneurship in a country in either Asia, Latin America or Africa. It should be a minimum of 10 slides, not counting the title slide and the reference slide at the end. A suggested outline for the project might be as follows:

I. Brief country presentation (PEST in no more than 2 slides)

II. Definition of Social Entrepreneurship and the key stakeholders (Ecosystem)

III. Major campaigns, goals & targeted areas (Education, Health, etc).

IV. Main activities of the leaders: Individuals, NGOs, Corporations (domestic & International)

V. Examples of successful programs, strategies, outcomes.

VI. Conclusion: overall impact on business, development, quality of life going forward.

Government Project Impact on Budget Paper

Resources:Internet, Governmental websites (city, state, or local policy agencies), Media, News articles

ResearchSan Mateo County, California’s local government’s New Animal Shelter project and the effect on the operating budget.

Conductresearch about the project and the related effects on the operating budget of the agency.

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Writea 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you include the following:

  • Describe and give brief overview of the agency. For example: size of community, size of agency, and agency responsibilities.
  • Describe the type of government project and implementation process
  • Rely the advantages and disadvantages of the project on the agency operating budget
  • Summarize your findings and make recommendations about the effects of capital projects on operating budgets

Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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