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Your research paper is a critical analysis paper that substantively documents particular issue, topic or person of interest as it pertains to Afro-Latinx discussions in class.

Your work will consist of a six- page minimum paper with references and end note pages after page 6, which will demonstrate original research on an Afro-Latinx topic or area of study of your choice and interest. This is a short paper, and should come in the form of a report paper or analytical paper.  All work should explicitly state in the opening paragraph the topic AND what the paper will accomplish or demonstrate. Think of it as a thesis if you like. 

Report paper: Choose a specific subject, research it, and convey the evidence to the reader using information you drew from your sources, so as to give as much detail on a subject as possible. At the end of your paper, add the significance of the results and what you learned from it. 

Analytical paper: Choose a subject or topic, and using multiple sources, draw an analysis and conclusion. 

·       Narrowing down the topic to an appropriate subject of analysis. 

·       The next step is to gather all useful information on your subject. You can use secondary sources for your research in addition to carrying out experiments and comparing content. Your aim is to make an analysis of the material.

·       Write the essay beginning with an introduction that gives a brief announcement of your subject analysis. Start with a broad statement that narrows down to a specific theme.

·       Come up with an opinion that expresses your own viewpoint as the author. Once you pick a subject of analysis, your paper should be clear on which side you stand. Apart from voicing your opinion in the paper, it is crucial that you clearly document how you arrived at the conclusions of your opinion.

Some suggested Afro-Latinx topics:

·       Afro-Latino and gender

·       Afro-Latino health issues

·       Afro-Latinos and politics (in the US or in any Latin American Country)

·       Afro-Latino contribution to US History

·       Afro-Latino recognition in a census (in the US or in any Latin American Country)

·       Afro-Latino identity in a particular country or region.

Details of your paper:

•        Minimum six pages not including Works Cited page.

•        Double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, no extra spaces between paragraphs and standard default page formatting, and photos, illustrations and diagrams to the absolute minimum.

•        Begin with your name, course and semester, and title of research project on first page of work (no title page)

•        You must use, reference and cite within your paper, at least four different sources.

Additionally, please consult a style manual for editing, grammar and syntax.

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