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Gender and Depression Essay

Depression can simply be defined as a state of mind that affects feelings, behavior, and thoughts of a person. In other words, it is a psychological disorder that disorients the way of thinking, and as a result, affects one’s concentration. Over the years, there have been perceptions concerning the connection of gender to depression. In terms of gender, men are perceived to have a higher risk for depression and other psychological disorder. This is caused by continuous stress associated with work, marriage, and life’s challenges. This paper entails the connections perceived between gender and depression. By this, the focuses on a study conducted by Addis on risk factors for depression based on gender differences.

Despites controversial arguments on the topic, gender differences in depression rate seem to be real, emerging in adolescence, and across cultures. Theories accounting for the differences of depression and gender can be divided into three categories; which are environmental, biological, and psychological explanations. It is by these factors that prevalence of depression is based on both sexes. On his study, Addis’s objective was to identify the risk factors that contribute to higher risk of developing depression more in women than in men. On the other hand, men are three times more likely to become suicidal due to depression than women.

According to scientific evidence, it has been proven that women have twice the risk of developing depression than men. Biologically, differences between genders in hormone metabolism account for some of the susceptibility to depression. Men have a tendency of keeping their issues risking them to the development of depression. However, women are exposed to higher risk due to their continuous hormonal changes (Helgeson, 2009).

Having identified that depression is not a disease; it was easier to focus on other causing factors, such as emotional torture, and hormonal imbalance. Best essay writing service uk In his study, Addis mentioned that women have a higher risk of developing depression due to their consistent excretion of hormones. This is because, of their menstrual cycles that affect their emotions by triggering anger and bad moods. Addis noted that thyroid is more active in women than in men due to the production regulation of their hormones.

On the other hand, men release their hormones in fewer cases, such as emotional arousal, anger, and anxiety (Gotlib & Hammen, 2010). It was also proven \that development of depression can be caused by stress. According to a recent study, men were recorded to be the most drug abusers due to stress and other emotional arousal factors. In other words, men try to forget their worries and focus on the brighter side of life. Women tend to concentrate on the issue affecting them, and as a result, develop conditions, such as depression.

To summarize, it is important to note that depression affects men and women, and there should not be a baseline that evaluate one gender from the other. Best essay writing service uk In exploring gender and depression, it is evident that gender socialization plays a vital role among risking factors for depression (Nolen-Hoeksema, 1990). Moreover, it is also clear that biological difference between men and women have an effect on development of depression and other conditions.

Considering that one sex has a higher risk of developing depression, researchers should focus on identifies the risking factors so as to evaluate the differences. As much as gender differences cannot be compensated, theories that focus on the strength of women should identify the positive side of women so as to discriminate this condition.

Although, Addis initiated a discussion on gender by focusing on depression in men, it is clear that discussed all the concepts in gender differences. However, the author should have focused more on highlighting the differences of gender to describe the uniqueness of women. Having understood that development of depression varies on gender differences, it is also important to note that there are other differences that facilitate this condition.

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Genetic Diseases Essay

This is a hereditary condition related to chromosomes in which the X chromosome is recessive. An example is fragile-X syndrome that causes mental retardation in boys. Color blindness is one of the symptoms experienced by victims. Best essay writing service uk It can be diagnosed through gene expression analysis. There is no treatment known for this condition

Systemic Lupus Erythematosis/SLE:

This is a genetic disease triggered by environmental factors and is related to vascular stiffening and premature atherosclerosis. It alters structure of left-ventricular (LV) by increasing its mass. It causes miscarriage and fetal death in the uterus.  Signs include photosensitivity, butterfly rash on the face, joint pains, vaginal ulcers, lesions-on-the-skin, tiny tears around the eyes in delicate-tissue and cognitive ability is temporarily lost. SLE is diagnosed through serologic testing which entails anti-extractable nuclear-antigen and antinuclear antibody testing as well as complete blood-discount. There is currently no SLE cure but it can be treated using immunosuppression in combination with cyclophosphamide or corticosteroids.

Down’s syndrome

This is a chromosomal disorder resulting from an error during cell division leading to one extra chromosome on the 21st chromosome thus causing mental retardation. Symptoms include a tongue that is protruding, anus with a flat bridge, cognitive-development-profile which is mild – moderate. Moreover, children delay in speaking, slow in learning to turn over, stand or walk. Best essay writing service uk The condition can be diagnosed through a series of tests which include; sampling of chronic villus, Amniocentesis and sampling of percutaneous-umbilical-blood. It can also be done by tissue and blood samples which are stained to show chromosomes grouped by shape, size and number. Many symptoms of Down syndrome can be treated though a child born with this condition cannot be cured (Gardner and Sutherland, 2004).

Gastrointestinal Ulcers

This is a condition that results from heartburn due to damage of the muscle separating stomach from the esophagus thereby inducing numerous functional and metabolic changes that may lead to mucosal damage causing acute gastrointestinal-bleeding. Helicobacter pylori bacteria, stress and drug like aspirin are the environmental factors causing this disease. Symptoms include abdominal pain and blotting. Diagnoses involve tests like barium contrast or endoscopies x-rays. It is treated with H2 antagonists or antacids

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

This is a non cancerous condition consisting of round lumps which freely move within breast-tissue and usually shrink and expands at and after menstrual-cycle. Best essay writing service uk Most common symptoms are intermittent or persistent discomfort or breast pain at beginning of menstruation. It is related to hormonal variation (estrogen and progesterone) during a human’s monthly cycle that is mainly congenital factor. It is diagnosed by feeling (palpation) and physically touching lumpy areas inside the breasts. The disease can be managed by regular breast examination and imaging.

Prostate Carcinoma

It is characterized by development of cancer in prostrate and may cause pain or sexual intercourse problems. Presence of a lump on the prostate gland surface is the best symptom known. Its cause is unknown though some of the predisposing factors include heredity, environmental factors as chemicals, industrial products and toxins and advancing age. Physical examination, blood tests and imaging studies are the ways of diagnosing this disease. It can be treated through radiation or surgery (Debes and Tindall, 2002).

Urinary Stones (Urolithiasis)

This is a disorder characterized by abrupt expulsion of stones causing irritation, burning sensation during urination and urinary hesitation. Symptoms include calcification formation inside the bladder and it is related to environmental factors mainly urinary retention in the bladder. It can be diagnosed through urinalysis and cystoscopy to confirm if stones are present in the bladder. Treatment involves open cystostomy and percutaneous lithotomy surgeries or extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy to remove large stones.

Acute Glomerulo-Nephritis

This is a disease of the renal affecting both kidneys and is characterized by small blood-vessels or glomeruli in kidneys. Best essay writing service uk It results into protein or blood in the urine, chronic or acute renal failure. It is related to genetic factors like systemic disorders namely vasculitis and SLE  or diabetes and can also be caused by environmental factors associated with drugs, parasitic pathogens, viral or bacterial infections. Diagnosis involves detecting the presence of antistreptolysin O titers in blood. Treatment involves steroid therapy.


These are crystalline concretions formed by accumulation of bile-components within gallbladder. This causes acute cholecystitis due to bile retention in gallbladder. Symptoms are severe abdominal pain on the upper right side, vomiting and nausea for over 30 at night after a fatty meal. It is caused by hereditary factors like body chemistry and gallbladder motility and environmental factors like diet. Gallstone is diagnosed by abdominal ultrasound which shows shadows of stones in gallbladder. Treatment involves use of oral ursodeoxycholic-acid to dissolve the stones and cholecystectomy surgery.

Cirrhosis of the Liver

This disorder is characterized by diffused nodule formation and fibrosis on the tubular gland leading to jaundice. It is related to environmental factors such as chemicals (alcohol), toxic metals (iron and copper) and viruses and inherited disorders like autoimmune-liver disease. Best essay writing service uk The major symptom is skin turning yellow. It is diagnosed through liver . Prevention of further liver damage, treating cirrhosis complication and liver transplantation are the best ways of treating this disease (Selikowitz, 1990).


Early diagnosis, treatment and intervention may assist babies with genetic disorders to achieve their full potential. Several children suffering from genetic disorders progress on well in life to hold jobs and live into middle age or beyond independently.

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