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Assignment 1

Due 12/13/2013

Write a 350 word paper discussing the advantages and challenges of researching and producing online content for bullying. Include the challenges of audience participation.

Explain how bullying might be different when delivered either through a newspaper or on the Internet, and how it might be different as a breaking news story, a news feature, or a blog entry.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Assignment 2

Due 12/13/2013

Complete the Problem Solving Simulation located on the student website and answer the following:

•             Describe the different strategies you used to try to solve the simulation.

•             What obstacles did you encounter while trying to solve it?

•             If you solved it, how long did it take?

•             If you did not solve it, how much time and effort did you contribute before giving up?

Format your response consistent with APA guidelines.

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