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Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you are to write a 5 to 8 page (this includes the Title and Reference pages) paper discussing Retail Theft Reports. There are two parts to this Assignment.

1) Write an essay (minimum two full pages of text) which addresses the following:

  • What role does the written Retail Theft Report play in Loss Prevention?
  • Why is it so vital in the fight against shrinkage?
  • What constitutes a well written Retail Theft Report?

2) Construct a Retail Theft Report based upon the following information:
• Suspect – male white, age 20-25 years, black hair
• Date July 30, 2013
• Observe suspect enter and select several bottles of Motrin PM and Tylenol Extra Strength and concealed items in pockets of the field jacket.
• Maintain observation
• Suspect passed all points of sale without paying for items
• Value of product $1250.00
• Time 8: 30 PM
• Subject also concealed 25 DVD in a foil line shopping bag
• Organization: t, (Store number 6666) Anytown, AL
• Wearing blue NY Yankee baseball cap, army style field jacket and blue jeans

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