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Computer technology has provided the criminal justice system with a number of benefits such as program algorithms that identify scanned fingerprints and facial recognition.  It has increased intelligence and record keeping capabilities.  However, it has provided literally millions of potential victims of crime.  It started out with financial crimes (such as fraud and ransom software), and it progressed to coaxing victims to locations for murder, rape, and kidnapping.  Victims of computer crimes include the criminal using social media as a weapon.  

The commander of a newly formed cyber-crime unit is very knowledgeable about fraud and various financially motivated viruses.  The one thing he is not that familiar with is the impact that social media has on victims of crimes such as cyber bullying and cyber stalking.

The commander has you temporarily attached from the human trafficking and sex crimes unit to bring his cyber teams up to date on how to understand what cyber victims of stalking and bullying are going through and how best to approach them for maximum effective investigation.

Devise a plan on explaining the aspects of cyber bullying and cyber stalking to the cyber-crime unit.

Focus your discussion on the following:

  • Explain why comments made on social media are so impactful on the emotions of the victim.  
  • Identify the types of cyber-crimes that may ultimately lead to a physical crime against the victim  
  • Advise the cyber-crime unit team members on what types of assurances should they provide the victim to obtain his or her cooperation in the investigation and to ultimately keep him or her safe.
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