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Week 1 Case Study
Week 1 assignment will be based on content taken from the text book. All arguments must be supported by textbook, research or experience based examples
– Create a presentation to deliver to the staff of a medical client about WLANs
Submission Instructions:
Your completed essay must be submitted as an MS Word attachment to this assignment no later than Sunday 11:00 PM EST.
Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow the citation style cited in the American Psychological Association (APA). Students are encouraged to read/understand the Basics.
Assignment 1 Case Study
You are employed by The Baypoint Group (TBG), a company of 50 consultants that assists organizations and businesses with issues involving network planning, design,implementation,and problem solving. You have recently been hired by TBG to work with one of their new clients, Vincent Medical Center (VMC), a large health care facility, concerning their wireless needs.
Each day, VMC doctors and nurses throughout the facility attend to thousands of patients, update medical records, issue prescriptions, and order medical exams. VMC deployed a sophisticated suite of medical software that stores all patient records, exam results, and diagnoses. The system is also fully integrated with VMC’s pharmacy and can process purchase orders,payments,and receipts as well as inventory and shipments. However,all data entry and processing currently requires that a staff member be at a nursing station or office to access the application and central VMC database.
1. VMC is interested in learning about the possibilities of upgrading all of its infrastructure and deploying a wireless network to allow doctors, nurses, and all staff to access information from anywhere within the entire medical facility (two buildings). VMC does not want to spend money installing additional network cabling connections to every patient room. VMC has asked you to make a presentation to its administrator regarding the use of a WLAN.
Create a presentation to deliver to the staff about WLANs. Be sure to cover the following points:

Greater mobility for doctors and nurses
Ease and cost of installation
Easier network modifications
Increased network reliability
Radio signal interference

Students will submit their assignment as a Word document. Submissions should be submitted in a font and page set-up that is readable and neat. All essays must be prepared in Microsoft Word and uploaded to the appropriate online assignment. Please include your name, course number, week number and assignment name at the top of your submissions e.g. StudentName -ISSC343 – Week 1 Case Study.
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