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Respond to 4 postings listed below, with at least in one or more of the following ways:

• Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research.

• Share an insight from having read the postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.

• Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from your own research

• Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.

• Make suggestions based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings.

• Expand on postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.

Posts should be at least 200 words and require some information from the text, academically reviewed paper, some significant commentary that requires knowledge of the subject matter, a web link to an article or other source.


Networking: A key to successful Teamwork

A. Consider the different teams presented in your reading assignment. How do these teams manage their team boundaries? What are the trade-offs between internal cohesion and external ties within each type of team? support your discussion with at least two external sources.

Teams are of different types such as Virtual teams, Problem-solving teams, cross-functional teams, self- managed teams but every team has to maintain their own boundaries to function up to the mark.

What are boundaries

Boundaries are the limitations, plans which meant for reducing distraction from outside sources and to increase the teams focus on their roles and responsibilities. They could be simple rules which are a part of the teams’ principles.

How to set boundaries

· Members need to work individually along with their team leader. Everyone of them need to understand as to what make them deviate from their works. Make a list of the important activities relating to their group project for which the team is formed and make a schedule by prioritizing their work according to their importance.

· This will help them to have an understanding of how to manage their work. Set short term and long-term goals so as to be responsible for completing the tasks.

· Remember that the boundaries can be breached. It is not possible that they will stay in place forever, sometimes the members may knowingly or unknowingly cross their boundaries.

· The team has to communicate with the other teams or members as to what extent they have set the boundaries. It will help them to have necessary support from others and they will be less disturbing to them (Guanfeng, & Zhiyang, 2011).

Internal cohesion and External ties

Internal cohesion has a positive relationship with the external ties. The level of internal cohesion defines the level of support and cooperation the members have with each other. If the cohesion is more it will not affect the members to outsource other expertise and necessary resources. But if in case the internal cohesion is poor, which means that the members may fail at assessing the teams needs thus failing to form proper level of external ties (Jimenez-Buedo, & Miller, 2018).

B. Consider the list of common roles for team members, which of these roles do you think you play in your own teams or group? Why?

The common roles include implementer, shaper, investigator, member, planter and coordinator. I would like to play the implementer role in the team. These are the people who actually get the tasks completed. They need to think practical and continuously strive to find best solutions for the problems. Since I’m efficient, practical and can organize things well I suit for this role the best. It demands conservative nature and have rigidity towards accepting the change. Though almost every role in the team has their own importance, without Implementer nothing could be completed. They have their identity and respected by all. it’s a challenging and tough to perform and be successful. As I love challenges I choose to be in this role (eng.monash.edu.au, 2018).


A. Consider the different teams presented in your reading assignment. How do the teams manage their team boundaries? What are the trade-offs between internal cohesion and external ties within each type of team? Support your discussion with at least two (2) external sources.

Collaboration has turned out to be fundamental to the task of the cutting edge association. Individuals from differing foundations socially, professionally, and demographically should cooperate to build up the balanced basic leadership associations need to get by in our contemporary economy. The capacity to work in groups is a standout amongst the most ordinarily said, mission basic aptitudes that potential managers refer to when they are searching for forthcoming representatives. Administrators spend right around 40 percent of their chance of working in groups and by far most of the associations more than 100 individuals depend on groups for achieving their ordinary work (Varghese, 2013).

A convincing component of research on collaboration is that it remains at the crossing point of such a significant number of imperative hypothetical and arrangement issues, for example, the meeting patterns encompassing globalization and the ‘leveling’ of our reality; the expanding many-sided quality and obscuring of limits spoke to by new authoritative structures, the developing significance of decent variety and consideration, and the convergence of innovation and of human execution.

Regardless of whether one is thought to be in a group or not turns into a reason for the singular character. Recognizable proof with group turns into an essential wellspring of confidence for colleagues. As a result, people know their identity (and are known to others) by what bunches they have a place with.

A noteworthy capacity of appointed pioneers is to serve at the limits speaking to a group to bigger association while additionally protecting that the collaborations’ fit with the bigger association. One of the exemplary wellsprings of fulfillment with a boss is their capacity to get required assets from the association (Pelz, 1952), however, this frequently includes tolerating a few limitations on the activity of the group. Alluding back to the lead statement of this article frequently administration anticipates that heads will force a course for the group. Forcing arrangements while at the same time including the group to get purchase in undermines building up an ideal arrangement in view of the cooperation of colleagues. It is hard to keep up a harmony amongst administration and collaboration in numerous authoritative settings, particularly in the event that one is attempting to build up a really participatory atmosphere (Varghese, 2013).

B. Consider the list of common roles for team members which of these roles do you think you play in your own team or group? Why?

Group Roles depict the conduct that we can perceive when we cooperate with others. Each group part is really a methodology in managing work and with associates. As such, a most loved style of participation that can be seen by working with others. Group parts are the ideal instrument to utilize these distinctive styles to their fullest potential.

Shaper Role

In a group, the shaper part is performed by individuals who are dynamic and relish challenges. Instead of quit when looked with challenges, shapers keep up a positive mental state of mind and endeavor to locate the most ideal approaches to conquer challenges confronting the group (Varghese, 2013).

Implementer Role

Individuals who assume the implementer part in a group are the individuals who really complete things in the group. They are useful, effective and efficient. Implementers transform the group’s thoughts and musings into genuine plans. As a result of their traditionalist nature, implementers are somewhat inflexible and ease back to acknowledge the change in a group.

Group Worker Role

Group specialists are the general population who guarantee the group stays joined together. They progress in the direction of settling strife or issues influencing the group’s flow. Group specialists are extremely strong of other colleagues and are in this manner well known inside the group. Group specialists are known to be reserved amid basic leadership since they would prefer not to be viewed as favoring one side: they put group union in front of their basic leadership capacities.

A group must comprise of various parts to accomplish most extreme execution. The nine parts are basically reciprocal. They supplement and strengthen each other, yet they can likewise repudiate and rival each other. A group part says a considerable measure in regards to the style of work of a colleague and originates from the identity of the person.


A. What is the leadership paradox? Give some reasons why a leader can encounter difficulty in newly formed teams or groups using a participative management system

In general, basic idea of leadership means a set of individual or an individual will control other individuals. Since past time this thought is planted in peoples mind that any new idea or new path must be led down by some individual who will be termed as torch bearer of his generation. This assumption is because of lack of trust and ability in themselves. A leader is a path bearer for others to follow and hold the ability to face any kind of situation where others fall out or that is the path less taken. A leader is much capable of influencing the group which he led and tend to leave a great impression on them with his ideologies or thoughts.

The association and individuals working in it have an ordeal, they feel almost no when they are in a condition of caution and figure out how to improve and improve their aptitudes. There is an elective method to comprehend the initiative that is called authority without anyone else’s input assurance. Administration Catch 22 gather requires a pioneer while the nearness of a pioneer is a self-administering gathering of the gathering Undermine. The group makes a cross test whether the initiative’s administration truly needs to run themselves. The Leadership Paradox is presently ready to counter the pioneers, for example, negative reactions, security from change, showdown in one side, dread of dread of as far as possible and the weight of weight being squeezed. Recently framed A pioneer in the groups may confront a few issues because the group is totally new to nature and associations, so they don’t think about organization strategies and investment in development.

(Woods, Bennett, Harvey &Wise, 2004). So, the group can commit errors in the undertaking that influences their work. Afterward, they are familiar with programming advancement models, for example, cascade or deft, which are totally new to them. In this way, every one of the issues that the pioneer faces with the recently framed groups.

B. Present a discussion of the strategies for encouraging participative management in the workforce, and how to implement each of these strategies.

The participative management in work force must be encouraged by laying down certain strategies. The Management leadership must conduct meetings on a regular interval to scale the progress in work and be open to suggestion from work force. Management must recognize and reward hard working resource this will help to boost individual morale and there by productivity. Strict measures must be taken to ensure a healthy work environment with no work pressure. Instead of micro managing the resource training programs must be conducted to improve skills. Following such strategies will help in cost reduction and increased productivity. (Anand & UdayaSuriyan, 2010).

Decision making should not be confined to a group but should allow active participation from work force and make sure their voice is been heard.

C. What serious biases or misassumptions do groups that are involved in inter-team conflict sometimes experience? How do these biases and prejudices affect the ability of teams to accomplish their goals?

It is obvious that people with different mindsets and personalities when work together there is a possibility for a conflict to arise. In such cases team leader must step up to resolve conflict between team members and maintain professional ethics. By doing so resources would concentrate on work rather than dealing with personal conflicts. Management must encourage innovation but not office politics. Team meetings and one on one meetings must hold regularly to resolve conflict or discuss any new idea of innovation. (Walker & Hampson, 2003) A leader should motivate his team to work towards achieving set goal rather than individual gain.


Leadership Paradox

Leadership paradox is nothing but a set of guidelines that are outlined as an alternate viewpoint of leadership skills and qualities that help in providing a model of well-defined leadership in the company or in an organization. The leadership paradox highlights that the idea of leadership is very much capable of transforming the system of fear among employees to the system of free and capable working conditions with the utmost aim of dedicated work ethics towards the company.

Challenges in a new team

Leaders encounter many different types of challenges in a newly formed team in the case of participative management and some reasons are like developing managerial effectiveness. In such a case the challenges are like the development of new and relevant skills of time management, prioritization, strategized think-tank and most important decision-making. Leaders may incur such challenges in a new group as the group members may not be well to do with such a leader or rather the effective management skills may not be sound. Another reason can be of guiding change in management skill (Park et al., 2016). Change is a part of every business process, therefore, the challenge of managing, mobilization, understanding the cause of change and leading the change is the key to success for every team leader and for every team.

Strategies to encourage participative management

The strategies that are essential and also at the same time hold the key for successful participative management are promoting learning and career development. In such a step the company should hold monthly orientation programmes for employees. In such orientation, many challenges and their solution can be discussed so that the employees can build a new learning experience and also generate amongst themselves the capacity for solving key issues that hamper the growth of the company. The second step of participative management is that of increasing employee satisfaction. This is one of the key issues that many companies and organization hold. The work culture and job satisfaction are missing in most of the organizations in modern life (Hitt et al., 2017). The companies have turned into a money-making businesses only rather than also concentrating on employee satisfaction and employee happiness. The company is growing but the development of the company is missing in many terms. Another such step is that of improving the process. It can be said that it is interlinked with the second stage. When there is less of job satisfaction then there is less of process management. Development of new process increases the capability, the efficiency of the labor force and in addition to it’s the new experience is gathered for the employees and the company. The last stage is that of valuing diversity. The organization can flourish if they welcome changes and diversity among people who bring clear and abstract ideas for business.

Biases involved in inter-team conflicts

Misassumptions and biases tend to happen in or normally arise in case of intergroup association between two or more groups. When conflicts arise among groups in the workplace, then there is a tendency among individuals to favor or support certain groups or rather in simple terms they portray the cognitive bias behavior. For example, in case of a group conflict the leader of the team may support a particular team or a particular person in common then the group that is not supported by the team leader may feel that they are unappreciated (Bhattacharya, 2016). Difficulties, challenges, and difference are meant to occur in every workplace when there is a presence of social animal but the ultimate aim should be focusing on the company or the organization’s goals and objectives. When there is the objectification of a problem it can lead to a breakdown of the total system, therefore, the communication process should be carried on. The conflict of interest can take place but it should be in a positive manner that allows new ideas and agents of change to come up. These changes can bring about new openings in the market and the global scenario for the organization.

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