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Diabetes and Obesity Order Description Overview/Description: Family Nurse Practi
Diabetes and Obesity
Order Description
Overview/Description: Family Nurse Practitioner

Next explore Library and conduct a search to locate a minimum of three nursing research articles that have addressed the problem you have identified. The literature
may not be older than 5 years. After reading the literature respond to the following:
The final project for consists of the development of a novel research proposal specific to your role specialization (Family Nurse Practitioner). The project must
include an intervention appropriate to nursing practice and consistent with your MSN role option. An alternative to the above includes the selection of a specialty
organization to focus research proposals based on the priorities of that organization. Examples of these organizations could include (but are not limited to): Sigma
Theta Tau International American Nurses Foundation Oncology Nursing Society Association of Nurses in AIDS Care American Psychiatric Nursing Association American
Association of Critical Care Nurses National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners National League For Nursing etc.
Throughout this course you have been developing various sections of the research proposal. This week you will assemble the final proposal (addressing faculty
feedback). This paper is to be developed in APA format/style using the required template and not to exceed 15 pages (excluding title page/references/appendices).
Background and Significance of Problem
Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study
Literature Review
Summary of the Evidence for the Proposed Study
Research Question Hypothesis and Variables with Operational Definitions
Theoretical Framework
Overview and Guiding Propositions(s) Described in Theory
Application of Theory to Your Studys/Projects Focus
Sample/Setting: Number and criteria for inclusion and description of place in which data will be collected.
Sampling Strategy

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