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Discussion W1
Must post first.
General Instructions for Discussion Responses to Classmates

To complete the discussions, please create a new thread for each posting.

In responding to the discussion and to classmates, please be sure to use the course material using in-text citations and a reference list to cite the source(s) used. Remember, an in-text citation cannot exist without having a corresponding reference list and a reference list cannot exist without having a corresponding in-text citation. Use of the course material using in-text citations and a reference list is always expected in the learning activities and discussions.

Post responses here in public discussion forum.

Please put the following in the subject line: Discussion + your name

Address each classmate by name in your responses, and sign your name to each posting, please. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Responses should be in depth, comprehensive, and promote further discussion beyond merely agreeing/disagreeing. Please refer to the “Winning Discussion Responses” module in Content for examples of substantive responses that could earn full credit.

Discussion: Part 1 due Thursday, 11:59 pm ET; Part 2 due Sunday, 11:59 pm ET

Part 1:

  1. Identify and summarize an example of a specific Maryland law that is important to PI and would regulate PI business operations, and/or might restrict some business activity or the right(s) of the PI business owners,
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