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Michelle is a 22-year-old female. She is the arts and crafts instructor on the campgrounds. She did not report feeling ill.

June 30:

After waking up, Michelle walked directly to the cafeteria for 8:30 am breakfast. She ate eggs, a banana, and a glass of orange juice. She then walked over to the craft cabin to teach a pottery class. At 12:30 pm, she met up with Peter for lunch and ate 2 hot dogs and drank a bottle of water. She also had banana pudding. After lunch, she spent some time talking with the other counselors. For dinner, Michelle had a slice of cheese pizza; she also drank a bottle of water. After dinner, Michelle was too tired to go the campfire, so she did some reading in her cabin for the rest of the night instead.

July 1:

The next morning, Michelle had oatmeal along with a glass of apple juice. After breakfast, Michelle left the campgrounds to purchase some art supplies, but she returned in time for lunch. While at lunch, Michelle ate a grilled cheese sandwich, as well as a brownie with vanilla ice cream. After lunch, she taught another pottery lesson. Later, Michelle left the campgrounds with Peter for dinner, but they returned in time for the campfire.

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