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Socially Engaged Research Action Project

The projects below are all examples of socially engaged art.

REVIEW the list below, titles and artists first. What catches your eye? Click on the Wikipedia pages. What information do you learn? What projects are you drawn to? Why?

Touch Sanitation Mierle Laderman Ukeles artist page
Three Weeks in May Suzanne Lacy page
End of the Line The Border Art Workshop/Taller De Arte Fronterizo border art
The Year of the White Bear: Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit the West Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Coco Fusco page
The Living Museum Bolek Greczynski page
Project Row Houses Rick Lowe page
Fairytale Ai Weiwei artist page
Bill T. Jones Still/Here artist page
Waiting for Godot in New Orleans Paul Chan artist page
Revive Time: Kaki Tree Project Tatsuo Miyajima artist page
Key to the City Paul Ramírez Jonas artist page
Learning to Love You More Miranda July page
Funk Lessons Adrian Piper artist page

PARTNER with another student. We will decide in class if this will be your choice or mine.

CHOOSE an artwork from the list above. First come, first-served, so have a second and third choice.  Propose a different piece for approval if you wish.

CREATE a poster presentation of the basics for presentation on Sunday, May 5:

(a) Who is/are the artist(s)?

(b) What is/are their media?

(c) Where does the work appear?

(d) Is it permanent or temporary?

(e) Who is/was its audience?

(f) What issue, message, or concern was central to the work?

(g) How have historians or media responded critically to the work?

(h) What makes this work art?

EDIT the Wikipedia page listed above by adding at least three citations for information currently on the page or adding information, with citations, to the page. Additional directions will be provided for Wikipedia editing and all editing will take place in class.

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