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12 Apr In Milestone One, you recommended an innovation option (incremental or discontinuous) to the organization from the course scenario

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In Milestone One, you recommended an innovation option (incremental or discontinuous) to the organization from the course scenario. Now that senior management of this organization has approved your recommendation, your task is to ensure your recommended innovation option gets implemented effectively and efficiently. Remember that your perspective is still that of a middle manager for one of the top U.S. producers of luxury and mass-market automobiles and trucks.

In this assignment, you will read a case study and write a report that compares the organization’s innovation processes with 3M’s processes. This report will help your cross-functional team identify the organization’s process gaps when implementing IoT in the product line and will help to eliminate potential process inefficiencies.


Using the information in the overview above and referring to the 3M: Rethinking Innovation case study in this module’s resources, compare the organization from the course scenario with 3M and identify process gaps within the organization. Your study should include the following points:

Analyze 3M’s experience for a process-based approach toward innovation.

How does 3M manage innovation?

What is the innovation strategy and leadership style within 3M?

How does 3M enable the innovation process?

Identify significant features or processes that promote innovation from the case study.

How does the management team within 3M recognize and reward employees?

What is the importance of permission to play within 3M?

How do the 3M attributes of patience and acceptance of mistakes enhance an innovative culture?

Compare the organization from the course scenario with 3M. You will need to reference the Organization Overview document when comparing the two companies.

What are the differences between the two organizational structures?

What is the difference in formal and informal innovation management?

How does the organizational structure in each company affect communication? Why is this important to innovation?

Identify the process gaps of the organization. You will need to reference the Organization Overview document when identifying process gaps.

What needs to be done to make the organizational structure support innovation?

What rewards could your organization utilize to motivate innovative behavior?

How should your organization examine its timeline to identify ways for longer-term projects to be more successful?

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a 2- to 3-page Word document using 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. If references are included, they should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.

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