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Part 1: Microprocessor and Motherboard Compatibility

· In your own words, discuss how one can determine if a processor is compatible with a motherboard. Discuss the process of making this determination. Discuss possible troubleshooting issues that may arise in the process. Provide examples and supporting evidence where applicable.

Part 2: RAM and Motherboard Compatibility

· How can you determine if a RAM module is compatible with a motherboard? Discuss the process of making this determination. Discuss possible troubleshooting issues that may arise in the process. Provide examples and supporting evidence where applicable.

Part 3: Hard Drives in the Market

· With the increase in solid state drives in the market, traditional hard drives may soon be obsolete. Explain your reasoning. Using the Internet and other credible outside sources, research solid state drives in the market. From your findings and your prior knowledge, compare and contrast the differences between solid state drives and hard drives. What are the advantages of using solid state drives instead of hard drives? Discuss the disadvantages. Do you agree that hard drives may become obsolete in the near future? Discuss why or why not. You must include 2 outside sources in your response and be sure to site your sources in APA format.

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