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·  Select two research articles to review  . Include at least one applied research article and one basic research article.

·  Be sure to apply the scientific method to evaluate the evidence presented in the selected articles  . (I should see the steps in scientific method applied to each article of the two you select for your write-up). Use these articles as a framework for completing the questionnaire.


· Search for research articles from peer-reviewed publications in the University Library. Examples of peer-reviewed publications are listed in Table 2.1 in Chapter 2 of Methods in Behavioral Research.

· Cite the articles using a reference page.

· Format your answers consistent with APA guidelines

Each response must be a minimum of exactly 100 words!!!!


1. What is the purpose of each of the sections in a typical research article?

2. What are the steps to critically evaluate research articles and how does the scientific method help you do this? (Answer these in a straightforward manner using the textbook to help you).

PART II (this is where you use your two articles as examples):

1. What is the importance of research in behavioral sciences?

2. What is the relationship between applied research and basic research? Provide an example, from your selected studies, of how each contributes to the body of knowledge.

3. What ethical issues can you identify in the selected articles?  (do not say there are NO ISSUES – what about research issues you learned about this week in our class?) How were the issues addressed or neglected?


1. Identify three possible research topics that you might want to explore further as you go through this course.

2. List appropriate sources, including databases that you might use when exploring these topics. (PLEASE PUT ALL SOURCES INTO APA FORMAT!)

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