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In an essay of 2,000-2,200 words, argue a debatable, supportable thesis about any text on the syllabus

Final Paper Assignment

Word Count: 2,100 words (+/- 100 words)

Purpose :  In your final paper, you will use all the skills we have practiced this term.  You will continue to enter the critical conversation with a substantial or problem statement, offer a contribution with your thesis, and support your argument with well-selected and carefully-analyzed evidence.  You will build on your research skills by independently pursuing your scholarly interests.


Assignment :  In an essay of 2,000-2,200 words, argue a debatable, supportable thesis about any text on the syllabus (you are welcome to read ahead!).

  • Your paper must contain a minimum of SIX scholarly sources(this category includes memoirs, peer-reviewed journal articles, or scholarly books and chapters; websites do not count toward the minimum sources unless approved by me)
  • At least FOUR of them much be reputable, scholarly sources from your own original research(not from class readings)
  • At least ONE source must be from the class syllabus
  • There is no maximumnumber of sources (you are welcome to include non-scholarly sources over and above these minimums, as long as you handle them with care)
Three leading quality management principles in an UAE organization

Teams of students will be formed during the first weeks of the semester. Each team is expected to investigate three leading quality management principles in an UAE organization that exercised any quality management framework or has received national quality award such as Dubai Quality award or Shaikh Khaliah Excellence Award. The team should begin by looking for current academic research and literature on the selected topics. The team is then expected to do some research on the organization.

The team’s research work should present and explain the principles and its practices, tools, include a literature review, examine how these different principles are incorporated, implemented and exercised in the selected award winning organizations, and make specific recommendations, based on own research work, for the organization to address any issue(s) with these principles. Each team will submit one typed project report.

The assignment is to be handed over to the lecturer before the presentation of the project during the lecture (project presentation day) on the date stated above. Presentation of the project is compulsory and all team members are requested to attend the presentation. Please note that students should work in teams (3 to 4 students per team) and are required to submit one project report.

The Research report must be typed, double spaced with font size 12 using Arial. The citations and references for all sources used, following the Harvard style should be included.

The following guidelines are to be adhered while preparing your report (Outline provided just for reference and grading model):

Assignment Component Marks

Introduction clearly explains the key focus of the project, highlights key substantive issues, and provides a sense of structure for the entire paper. It includes referencing.

Students demonstrate understanding of the intent of the assignment.
Literature review

Conduct a thorough search on the topic of research. For this you are required to search journals (academic and trade), books, websites, etc. Your objective is to provide up-todate information on the topic. Include referencing.
Original Research

The main focus should be given to the own research work performed within this subject.

There is evidence that the research is well planned and executed.

Research methods and tools are appropriate.

There is originality in research work.
Analysis & Presentation of Results

Results are clearly presented using tables, graphs, …

Analysis is (i.e analyses fit into a broader argument structure).

Students apply the relevant literature (models, concepts, theories and results of other authors) to analyse their own results in the context of international research.
Recommendations & Conclusion

Students offer specific recommendations and actionable solutions based on their research findings. Any complexities in the topic are explained and a clear ‘argument’ is presented.

Conclusion provides a clear ending and presents a clear summary of the key project findings.
Quality of Referencing

Quality of citations chosen (Close integration of supporting evidence into each section).

Adequate usage of in-text citations appropriately referenced in the reference section. In-text citation and final reference list format quality (Correct use of Harvard system of referencing).
Overall Approach & Written Expression

It is apparent students have learned from the research.

Students have demonstrated an ability to synthesize all elements of their selected

research in a coherent and organized fashion throughout the report. 5

There is originality in presentation of performed work.

Grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, organization of ideas consistent with expected master’s level quality.

Appendices can be added if additional material is considered essential

A detailed marking guide will be discussed in class as well (and published on the OPS 950 Moodle site).

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