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Modes of Cultural Adaptation and Social Work Practice

How do you adapt to a new society? Is it a matter of completely adapting to the cultural practices of the new society at the expense of your own culture? Or do you remain steadfast in your personal culture to the detriment of your social experience in that new society? Maybe, you attempt to find a balance by developing a bicultural identity that respects both your personal culture and that of your new society. What might be the impact for clients and the new society with each of these options? How do you, as a social worker, help your clients with the cultural adaptation process without losing their personal cultural identity and without disrespecting the culture of the new society?

For this assignment, consider the role that cultural adaptation plays in the development of bicultural identity. Then, think about how family systems, peer groups, communities, organizations, and institutions influence the development of different modes of (traditional, marginal, assimilation, and bicultural) and why these influences might be important to social work practice.

Assignment (2- to 4-page, APA-formatted paper):

Your paper should include:

o An explanation of the role cultural adaptation has in the development of bicultural identity

o An explanation of how family, peer groups, communities, organizations, and institutions influence the development of different modes of cultural adaptation (traditional, marginal, assimilation, and bicultural)

o An explanation of why these influences of cultural adaptation might be important to social work practice

Reference (use 3 or more)

Robbins, S. P., Chatterjee, P., & Canda, E. R. (2012). Contemporary human behavior theory: A critical perspective for social work (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon.

Dominelli, L., & Hackett, S. (2012). Internationalising social work theory and practice. International Social Work, 55(2), 151–153.

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