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Concept analysis Mental Stigma Essay

A concept analysis is designed to make the student as familiar with a concept as possible. A concept is usually one or two words that convey meaning, understanding or feelings between or among individuals within a same discipline. Some concepts relevant to mental health are stigma, recidivism, and deinstitutionalization.

Activities and Directions

To begin the process, choose a concept you are interested in, a term you encounter with your work or one with which you would like to research. Look for the measurable quality in your topic of interest, problem or question.

– Write down all of the words you can think of which relate to or express your concept.

– Search the literature for journal articles and books related to the concept to get a sense of the beliefs and thoughts of others in the discipline regarding the concept.

– Begin the analysis paper with a introductory paragraph expressing what the concept is and why it is significant to you and mental health.

– Develop the Model Case. The model case is a brief situational description validating the concept including all of the characteristics you have listed which describe or make up the concept. The model case should be able to

reflect that If this is not an example of (concept), then nothing is.

– Close with a summary.


EVALUATION FORM (100 points).

I. Introduction (10 points)

A. Includes the aims & purposes of the analysis (0-3)_______

B. Justifies concepts significance to mental health (0-7)_______

II. Definition of Concept (20 points)

A. Describes derivation of definition from common usage, &

nursing use (0-6)_______

B. Describes & cites a variety of appropriate authoritative

sources from the literature regarding nature of concept (0-6)_______

C. Definition of concept reflects synthesis &

evaluation of definitions from appropriate sources (0-8)_______

III. List of defining characteristics (25 points)

A. Each attribute is clearly stated as succinctly as possible (0-5)_______

B. Each attribute is logically an essential element of the

concept as defined (0-5)_______

C. Each attribute is stated in as measurable a form as the

abstractness of the concept allows (0-5)_______

D. The listed attributes comprise all essential attributes of the

concept as defined (0-10)______

IV. The Model Case (25 points)

A. Is a logical example of the concept (0-5)_______

B. Includes all listed attributes of the concept (0-10)______

C. Includes no attributes of other concepts (0-5)_______

D. Is concisely stated (0-5)_______

V. Reference List (10 points)

A. Contains a variety of resources (0-2)_______

B. Resources are authoritative, classic resources are evident (0-3)_______

C. Nursing resources are explored (0-3)_______

D. Resources are sufficient in number to justify analysis (0-2)_______

VI. Layout and Presentation of Paper (10 points)

A. Precise APA format (0-5)_______

B. Grammar, spelling & typing at professional scholarly level (0-5)_______

Concept analysis Mental Stigma Essay
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