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One of the responsibilities of the software designer will be to perform modeling so he or she can express diagrams to reveal information about the system and its overall structure and governing rules. The rules provide the meaning for the structural components. You can depict your designs either through text or graphics or both as designers. Part of the overall Unit 5 project is to model a software component and its behavior as part of the overall system. 

In this Phase 3 assignment, you will need to use the unified modeling language (UML) 2.0 to create your software models for this unit assignment and to be integrated into the overall final project. In any graphics package available to you, study the UML 2.0 method of diagramming and then provide 1 use case and 1 activity diagram to depict the general types of behavior your software component will exhibit. 

In the following assignment, provide the following behavioral diagrams following the principles of UML 2.0:

Use case diagram illustrating the functionality intended by your SW or system and for what actor; describe the sequence of actions that will provide the actor with something of value; and should be executed as a horizontal ellipse 

UML activity diagram describing the step-by-step software processes needed to accomplish workflow (this should include an initial activity, activity, decisions, signals, concurrent activities, and a final activity) 

Assignment should be completed in a modeling or available graphics tool and then copied over into Microsoft Word over 2–3 pages. Ensure all references are captured in a reference list in APA format.

Attachment is project up to date

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