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  1. What four factors must be in place for IT strategy development to be successful? Explain how these four factors contributed to the success of a company. (300 words)
  2. As the IT manager, you have been tasked with convincing your company’s CEO that the time has come purchase a new operating system and the latest office tools for the company’s computers. Create a report for your CEO that outlines the value of this software purchase for the company. Also, develop a strategic plan to put this new software into place and discuss how you would implement your strategic plan. (500 words)

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  1. The four factors that must be in place for IT strategy development to be successful are as follows. The four factors are a review of strategic and tactical goals of the company so that technological projects and goals can align with them, information about the needs of the executive and operational staff so that the IT can satisfy their needs, evaluating the budget for IT strategy development, and a review of the current hardware and software available with the company. These four factors are critical for the success of IT strategy development.
    The four factor contribute to the success of the company because the IT strategy directly supports the strategic and tactical goals of the company. For example, if the company has the strategic goal of going global, the IT strategy supports it by providing facilities for sharing data, holding video conferences, and information transfer to the international office of the company. Further, the company becomes successful because IT assists the executives in making decisions and the operational staff in implementing the company strategy. For example, the executives can compare quotations from a number of suppliers, can explore different marketing options, or compare different options for capital structure by using information technology. Next, the IT strategy remains affordable or within the …
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