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Quiz 8

Question 1

Contemporary theories of counseling:

are grounded on assumptions that are a part of Eastern cultureemphasize the uniqueness of the individual, self-assertion, and ego strength focus on interdependence, and losing self in the totality of the cosmos emphasizes the social and cultural facts of human existence

Question 2

Practicing counseling without an explicit theoretical rationale is somewhat like

driving a car with a GPS device

trying to sail a boat without a rudder

flying a plane without a co-pilot

taking a train ride

Question 3

When a counselor works in a managed care system, client’s goals need to be:

long-term and all encompassing

aimed at character reconstruction

geared towards the client gaining insight into his or her problems and movement towards self-actualization

highly specific, limited to reduction of problematic symptoms, and often aimed at teaching coping skills

Question 4

__________ is a general term covering the process of identifying an emotional or behavioral problem and making a statement about the current status of a client

Medical diagnosis

Differential diagnosis


Cognitive appraisal

Question 5

Practitioners who argue against diagnosis:

claim that DSM labels stigmatize people

are likely to be psychoanalytically oriented therapists

often work in community mental health centers

are likely to work for a managed care system

Question 6

Practitioners need to function with ________________________; they must have a clear understanding of the techniques they employ and have a sense of the expected outcomes of their interventions





Question 7

The following is not true concerning therapeutic use of the DSM-IV-TR to diagnose clients:

Emphasis is on pathology, deficits, limitations, problems, and symptoms

The process of determining a diagnosis requires clients to meet a number of criteria stated in the DSM-IV-TR

It is based on the assumption that distress in a family or social context is the result of individual pathology

It is based on a systemic approach that views the source of distress as being within the entire system, rather than on the individual

Question 8

The term ___________________ is described in the text as a “grab bag of diagnostic leftovers at the back of the DSM-IV-TR that rarely qualify for reimbursement”





Question 9

Empirical research ____________________the centrality of the therapeutic relationship as a primary factor contributing to psychotherapy outcomes



strongly and consistently supports

inconsistently supports

Question 10

According to professional ethical principles on testing, it would be unethical for a counselor to:

perform testing and assessment services for which they have not been adequately trained

develop, administer, score, interpret, or use assessment procedures that are appropriate for the situation

test within the client’s socialized behavioral or cognitive patterns

consider the validity of a given test and interpret data in the context of the cultural characteristics of the client

Question 11

John is seeking counseling through his managed care provider and he needs to be informed that:

the managed care company may request the entire clinical record of a client

he has the right to expect unlimited sessions

his insurance provider will not have access to his records

no referrals will be made upon termination of therapy

Question 12

The managed care model:

allows practitioners to decide what clients need, how and when to treat them, and how long therapy will last

stresses time-limited interventions, cost-effective methods, and a focus on preventative strategies

encourages curative interventions, accurate diagnosis and hospital admissions when needed

assumes that practitioners will set therapeutic goals of personal growth and self-actualization for their clients

Question 13

The purpose in using a technique is to

facilitate movement

impress clients with your creativity and skill

help clients to rationalize their feelings

trigger strong emotions

All of the choices

Question 14

What critical ethical issue(s) is (are) associated with managed care?

informed consent



All of the choices

Question 15

Therapists cannot use the limitations of the managed care plan as a shield for failing to:

render crisis intervention

make appropriate referrals

request additional services from the managed care plan

All of the choices

Question 16

A theoretical orientation is best described as:

a rigid framework that provides specific steps of how to conduct a counseling session

a set of general guidelines that counselors can use to make sense of what they are hearing and what needs to change

a conceptualization of the intrapsychic structures that dictate a client’s behavior

a set of techniques that can be used to promote behavioral changes

Question 17

Of the following, which factor(s) is/are crucial to therapy outcomes?

the client’s motivation

severity of the client’s symptoms

client-therapist relationship factors

All of the choices

Question 18

Which of the following statements is/are true regarding evidence-based practice?

It is synonymous with the term “empirically supported treatments”

Psychodynamic therapy falls under the category of evidence-based practice

Therapeutic interventions that are not considered “evidence-based practices” are unethical

All of the choices

Question 19

___________________________ uses assessment to understand the client’s pattern of thinking and to identify self-defeating beliefs

Feminist therapy

Cognitive-behavioral approaches

Behavior therapy

Systemic therapies

Question 20

A utilization review may take place _______________________ treatment




All of the choices

a and c

Question 21

Which of the following statements has/have been supported by research?

Therapy is helpful to the majority of clients

Most people achieve some change relatively quickly in therapy

Generally speaking, therapies achieve similar outcomes

All of the choices

Question 22

The acronym DSM-IV-TR stands for

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Text Revision

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Typology Revisited

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Treatment and Remediation

Deviant Syndromes Manual: Treatment and Remediation

Question 23

Which of the following tools is/are used to assist a practitioner in the process of psychodiagnosis?

Clinical interviewing


Psychometric tests

Rating scales

All of the choices

Question 24

The clinical interview serves which of the following purposes?

Providing information on a client’s presenting problems

Giving glimpses of historical factors that may be contributing to the client’s condition

Providing a framework for making a differential diagnosis to determine whether an individual suffers from a particular mental disorder

All of the choices

None of the choices

Question 25

Gillian believes that many symptoms stem from problems within the system, rather than originating in the individual Based on this belief, it is likely that she practices

cognitive behavioral therapy

cognitive therapy

family systems therapy


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