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BOS 3751 OSHA Standard Assignment

Unit I Assignment


Instructions: This assignment involves reading a case and then helping an organization by identifying the training needs to meet OSHA requirements. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the following course learning outcome:


  1. Explain safety and health training by standard setting organizations.


Read the case below, complete the table below, use the OSHA publication as a guide, save all of your work to this document, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.


Background on Carter’s Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Company


Carter’s Materials Handling Equipment Company is a small business that employs between 38 and 55 employees throughout any given year. This firm manufactures materials handling equipment that includes small cantilever racks, hand trucks, and various dollies commonly used in the manufacturing sector. The facility was built in 1958 and is roughly 80,000 square feet. The firm receives raw materials in the form of round metal tubing, sheet metal, square tubing, and cold and hot rolled metal rods.


Raw materials are removed from flatbed trailers using a large, LP-gas-powered forklift with the assistance of smaller, LP-gas-powered forklifts. These materials are stored in racks in the receiving/shipping department. From there, raw materials are moved via forklift and various heavy-duty carts to the fabrication department. This department cuts, punches, bends, copes, and shears the various materials into parts used to make the final product.


The metal fabrication department includes two 70-ton, part revolution mechanical power punch presses, three 250-ton, part revolution press brakes, a 300-ton hydraulic press, two pipe benders, a twelve-foot shear, a 10-foot shear, a mill for milling a bevel on hand truck toe plates, several off-hand grinders, and two large drill presses. The fabrication department can get quite noisy for days at a time (>85 dB), especially when making cantilever racks. The department includes maintenance workers to keep the machines running.


After being cut, punched, bent, and formed, fabricated parts go to the welding department or the Work in Process (WIP) crib. WIP includes a mezzanine and an area populated with pallet racks for storage. In the welding department, there are 12 MIG welding machines that are used by welders to assemble the parts into the pre-finished items manufactured by the firm. The welders also use an assortment of handheld grinders and an oxyacetylene torch. Once welded, items either go in their pre-finished condition into inventory or are further processed by the painting department. Pre-finished items that are inventoried are taken to one of two mezzanines or placed in storage racks. In the painting department, items are wiped down with various solvents and hung on an overhead hook conveyor. Items go into the paint booth where they are painted using various enamels. Xylenes and Toluene are common solvents used in this operation. The paints also contain these solvents.


After painting, axles and wheels are applied, and the completed products are boxed up in the shipping/receiving department or, depending on their size, loaded directly on trucks with no packaging. Larger items, such as racks, are loaded onto flatbeds using an unmanned overhead crane controlled by a pendant control. Smaller items are typically loaded onto standard semi-trailers using battery-powered forklifts or pallet jacks.


Carter’s OSHA Form 300 log of injuries and illnesses for the past year reveals that eight employees experienced minor injuries (cuts) from handling metal parts, one employee lost 15 workdays after getting



debris in his eye while grinding, six employees lost two days each due to back strains, and four welders were treated for minor burns.


The human resources manager provided you with this additional information about the departments and their employees:

  • Shipping/Receiving Department: 60% male, 40% female. Age range 18-62. 80% have completed high school; some attend junior college. Temporary employees are added when production is high, usually in summer
  • Metal Fabrication Department: 80% male, 20% female. Age range 30-45. All have completed high school and some have junior college technical training.
  • Welding Department: 50% male, 50% female. Age range 25-50. All have completed high school and all have completed junior college technical training.
  • Painting Department: 30% male, 60% female. Most have completed high school. Some are attending college, pursuing bachelor’s degrees.


While all employees understand and speak English, several employees in the Shipping/Receiving Department use Spanish as their primary language. All employees work 7 AM – 4 PM with a one-hour lunch break, Monday through Friday. On Saturday, overtime is worked at peak production times, usually in the summer. The shop is not unionized, and employee relations are good. The annual employee turnover is 5%. The average employee has worked for Carter for 6.5 years. Some employees have worked for Carter for more than 15 years.


Instructions for completing the table below: You have been hired by Carter to develop an effective safety training program for his employees. Carter is concerned about being in compliance with regulations and standards, so your first task is to identify 10 training requirements from the OSHA standards that apply to Carter’s operations. Carter’s operation will be required to meet more than 10 OSHA standards; however, your job is to identify what you feel are the 10 most important. List the 10 requirements in the order in which they should be developed and specify which department(s) should receive the training. Then, provide a brief justification (rationale) for each training requirement identified—why is it one of the most important?


Use the following publication as your guide: Training Requirements in OSHA Standards(OSHA Publication No. 2254-07R 2015).


  Training Need OSHA Standard Justification
1 All the personnel must have a session of PPE prior to the commencement of duties at the firm. They should be taught when the PPE is necessary, the type of PPE that they need, and they should demonstrate an understanding of the same before beginning to do any work. 1910.132 It is the most significant because it is the basic

tenet of a volatile working environment, which has been proven by the reported cases of injuries. The proper PPE will help reduce cases of injuries reported

2 Medical services and first aid should be available on site, ensuring that incidences or accidents are attended to promptly. In the absence of a clinic within the plant, trained first-aid personnel should be available on site at all times 1910.151 Seeing that the cases of injuries such as cuts were recorded as eight in the OSHA log, it is crucial that Carter re-evaluates the conformity to this requirement.


3 Since Carter has a cutting and welding department, the supervisors need to be well trained on safe use of the equipment 1910.252 From the OSHA log, eight employees were reported to have cuts while four welders suffered burns.

Conducting this training will reduce such instances and extra precaution could be taken.

4 An emergency action plan needs to be in place right from how it is executed, who is in charge, who can be contacted and accountability purposes after evacuation in case of an emergency in the plant. 1910.38 Carter is a manufacturing plant that deals with flammable substances such as toluene, xylene, and oxygen. Although no case has been reported, it is crucial to cross-check that a plan is in place.
5 A fire prevention plan should be in place, and refresher courses are necessary every once in a while. A written plan should be in place, enlisting all major fire hazards, and procedures that are in place to prevent the flammable substances from exploding 1910.39 As noted above, this plan should be in place because the plant uses flammable substances.
6 Employees need to be trained on occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals. They should be trained on methods and observations that can be used to detect the presence of hazardous chemicals, as well as guidelines on the proper actions to take 1910.1450 Seeing that Carter uses solvents and paint in its operations, it is necessary to offer this training since these substances contain hazardous chemicals, including xylene and toluene
7 It is necessary that Carter provides a respirator to each employee in order to protect their health, which according to OSHA, is termed as permissible practice. Training on how to use these respirators is necessary 1910.134 Although no cases have

been reported, it important to keep teaching employees about the use of respirators to ensure that they are safe

8 Employees should have all the necessary information on the substances that they are handling, refresher courses should be conducted, and any time a new substance is introduced, a training session should be held 1910.1200 Currently, Carter has hazardous substances and it is crucial to conform to this requirement and ensure that employees are aware of the hazards
9 Training on the handling of hazardous substances shall be ascertained, whereby employers have an initial training program, a refresher course, and document to show that each employee undertook the training 1910.119 Again, it is fundamental because Carter deals with hazardous substances and precaution must be taken and ascertained
10 Occupational noise exposure training is necessary especially in a plant that has noise up to 85db or exceeding it, whereby 1910.95 At Carter, this training is crucial because of the Fabrication Department
hearing protectors are necessary. The training should be annual, where all employees understand the effects of noise on their health and the need for protection of Carter’s Materials Handling Equipment Company (CMHEC)

often experiences noises up to 85db. The training program will ensure that necessary precaution measures are enacted

BOS 3751 OSHA Standard Assignment
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