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Instructions:Read the attached paper. It will help guide you in identifying solutions to the management problem you have identified. There must be at least three comments about stakeholders mentioned in the paper. Complete a 2-4 page paper discussing solutions in relation to the management problem you are exploring during this course.

Here are some tips to help you create your solutions:

  1.       Solutions should focus on the problem, be accepted by the team and be achievable. 
  2.       Find opportunities to allow the individuals to meet to work out the differences, respectfully.  Focus on strategies that can build trust in the relationship. 
  3.       Look at the tasks that the individuals are responsible for and explore whether or not they have had adequate training or resources to be successful in performing their tasks (so the solution is to provide additional training and/or mentoring to help your folks be successful). 
  4.       Evaluate the conditions under which these two work (are they sitting right next to the community coffee pot or the photocopy machine or with poor ventilation or no natural light?  Is the environment affecting their behavior?) The solution may be to fix the problem by moving them or making some other change. 
  5.       Is it financially feasible? Can it be completed in a reasonable time? Can it be done within financial cost structures? What is the return on investment?

  Submission Instructions:Paper must be in APA Format

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