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Select two peers or people in your current or former organization with whom you have recently worked closely, on a project or a team.  Arrange a meeting with each person to discuss your own communication style and ideas for improvements. If you are unable to meet in person, you may conduct the meeting virtually by phone or through a Skype call.

Develop a set of questions designed to collect feedback on your personal communication style, the communications tools and methods you used, and the other persons’ ideas for improvements. During or immediately after your meetings, make notes of the conversations.

After both meetings are complete, consider the following:

What did you learn about your communication style?

Were the two individuals in agreement?

Was there any feedback you disagreed with?

Did you at any point feel uncomfortable or defensive? Why/why not?

Which communication tools work well for you and which do not?

How will you communicate differently in the future with your peers?

Prepare a report in which you reflect on your experiences from this exercise.  In addition, submit a copy of the notes/transcript you developed during your meeting.

Length: 3-4 pages, not including notes/transcript, title, and reference pages

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