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Assist in writing a research paper to include the following:
• Provide a detailed vision for supervising in the 21st Century.
• Develop and explain a vision statement.
• Address the assumptions and factors that would be considered to be implemented to define the vision and concluding comments.
• Summarize the vision and provide any conclusions not addressed in the vision.

Develop a vision and explain how the vision was developed. This document requires an analysis of using technology as a supervisory tool in a hypothetical or actual organization.

References: At least seven (7) resources.

Length: 12- 15 pages

Use current APA standards.

Solution Preview
Detailed vision for supervision in the 21st Century:
In the 21st Century the supervisor will independently develop task, allocate resources, and set timelines for employees. He will become a planner in the company. He will ensure that tasks are completed on time, within the budget, and avoid waste. In the 21st century, the supervisor will organize the workplace, work process, and employees. He will delegate duties and allocate authority for accomplishing the work. He will identify areas where there can be obstructions and he will ensure that these are minimized. In the 21st century the supervisor will play the role of the manager. The role of supervision in the 21st century will be that of interpreting the meaning of events that affect the employees and the enterprise. He will actively align the objectives of the business with strategies(1). In addition he will build a commitment in employees towards their tasks and infuse them with optimism. He will become a motivator. In the 21st century the supervisor will be instrumental in building trust with the employees and obtaining their cooperation especially during times of change. The supervisor will strengthen collective identity of employee and make them feel proud of being a part of the organization. During the 21st century the supervisor will become an instrument of learning in the workplace. He will encourage and facilitate collective learning. He will also ensure that the employees have the right skills, abilities, and tools to perform their tasks. If required he will obtain necessary resources and support. He will play the role of training and giving authority to employees. His role will be that of developing and empowering employees. In addition, he will ensure ethical behavior in the workplace. He will ensure that the code of ethics is communicated, understood, and followed in the workplace. During the 21st century the supervisor will promote social justice and morality. He will become a champion of ethics in the workplace.

During the 21st century the role of the supervisor will be to communicate. He will initiate, promote, and carry out healthy human interaction. Further, he will provide important information to the employees which will allay their fears, quell rumors, and make them feel positive towards their work. He will share and analyze information relating to their workplace, their work environment, and external business environment. During the 21st century the supervisor will make important choices. He will select the method and process used in the workplace. His role will involve critical decision making. During the 21st century there will be a special place for the knowledge, expertise, and know-how of employees. He will use special technical skills, and proficiency to perform particular tasks. Technical skills will become important for supervisors in 21st century. These skills will be acquired through formal education, training, and job experience. Also, during the 21st century the supervisor will have enhanced ability to work well in cooperation with others. The supervisor will be the harbinger of trust, enthusiasm, and genuine involvement in interpersonal relationships. The supervisor will have empathies with the feelings of others. The supervisors in the 21st century will improve their interpersonal skills through training or simulations. The supervisors in the 21st century will think analytically (2). This will enable managers to break problems into small parts, perceive the relations among the parts, and understand the implications of problem for others. The supervisors will develop strong critical thinking skills.
During the 21st century there is a vision that supervision will mean responding in different ways to different situations. The differences in situation may be related to workplace, changes in the environment, and changes in nature of employees. Specifically, supervision will mean behavioral flexibility. The supervisor in the 21st century will be able to adopt his behavior to different situations. In some situations he will listen more actively and respond in an understanding manner. In other situation he will encourage the employees to make decisions. In other situations he will act decisively and confidently. He will develop the ability to identify the situation and use appropriate behavior in the situation. Supervision in the 21st century will mean the supervisor will behave in an appropriate manner. He will stay calm, ask the right questions, gather enough information, and then make the decision. The supervisor will have a well developed personality. He will give precise directions when necessary, he will delegate decision making when required, and he will promote employee participation in decision when appropriate. He will be able to sense the temper of the team and interact with them to increase synergies. He will also sense the mood of individual employees and interact with them in a manner that will motivate them and improve their performance. Supervision in the 21st century will mean trying out new behaviors, being open to feedback from colleagues and reports, and breaking old habits to try out new and more effective behaviors. Supervision in the 21st century will mean using behavioral flexibility for working more effectively with diversity. The supervisor behavior will be so flexible that he will dissolve …

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