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Productivity tools for businesses essay

Purpose of Assignment

In this assignment, you apply integrated office software and social media applications to resolve specific business needs.

Assignment Steps


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Create a 15- to 20-slide presentation on the benefits of using social media and cloud-based software to promote and run a business. Include the following:

Research at least four different social media applications that can be used to promote and/or conduct business.
Explain the rationale and benefits to using them in the workplace, such as why or how they increase productivity.
Describe the potential risks that a business should be aware of when considering using these tools.
Discuss any additional technology considerations that should be considered before using these types of tools.
Evaluate the benefits of using cloud-based and integrated software solutions to complete business projects, and provide two or three examples.
Discuss new technologies and trends that may impact future business solutions.
Explain how consumer or market changes help drive updates in business workflows and productivity software use.
Discuss ethical implications associated with unsecured financial transactions, the potential leak of personal data, unsolicited communication, or other .
Provide a summary of your research and conclusions.

Use speaker notes to expand ideas beyond the slide bullet points, and include research supporting your comparisons.

Cite a minimum of four sources, formatted according to .

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Productivity tools for businesses essay

Research a Fortune 500 company. Examine the company’s social responsibility policies. How does the company demonstrate its duty? For example, you may choose areas such as labor practices, environmental and human rights issues or special interest (e.g., animal rights, women’s rights, technology transfer, philanthropy, etc.) to describe how a company demonstrates its duty.

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