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***Instructions: There are 3 parts to this assignment; part A, B, and C. Under each part are situations following questions thereafter. Answer each question to its entirety, minimum word count for entire assignment is 950(not each question). The required in-text citation and referenceis the attached file, please review before proceeding with the assignment. Here is the reference for it: Kapoor, J. R., Dlabay, L. R., & Hughes, R. J. (n.d.). Personal finance. 11th Edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Use other scholarly articles as well, minimum total reference is 3, to include what I provided for you. No PLAGIARISMand let me know if you have any concerns. Thank you!

***Please review the attached pdf and the attached word documentbefore proceeding. Word Document file has the data needed to answer each part questions. Also, separate your answers by question numbers for easier breakdown. Thanks!


Property & Motor Vehicle Insurance

We Rent, So Why Do We Need Insurance?: ***see attached word document before proceeding***

1. Why is it important for people who rent to have insurance?

2. Does the building owner’s property insurance ever cover the tenant’s personal property?

3. What is the difference between cash value and replacement value?

4. When shopping for renter’s insurance, what coverage features should you look for?


Health, Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance

Health Insurance: ***see attached word document and Personal Financial Planner pdf. before proceeding***

5. In evaluating the various health insurance plans, what factors should the Lawrences look for in a good health insurance plan?

6. When considering disability income insurance, what are the trade-offs of purchasing this type of insurance and how does this affect the Lawrences?

7. Explain how Shelby and Mark might use the following Personal Financial Plannersheets when figuring out their health insurance needs.
a. Assessing Current and Needed Health Care Insurance ( page 51of Personal Financial Planner pdf file)
b. Disability Income Insurance Needs ( page 52of Personal Financial Planner pdf file)

Part C: LIFE

Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Young Married People: ***see attached word document before proceeding***

8. In your opinion, do Jeff and Ann need additional insurance?
Why or why not?

9. What type of policy would you suggest for Jeff and Ann?

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