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Can someone please provide some assistance with this question. It for an MBA course. It needs to be between 550 and 650 words or so.

If the Executive Director is at odds with several members of the board over the board members’ perception of the efficiency and discipline inherent in the operation of the nonprofit, what can the ED do to address that problem? The ED does not work for individual board members but works for the board as a whole. However, the board does evaluate and has the power to terminate the employment of the ED should the board decide to do so. What would you suggest to the ED if she called you in as a consultant? Please include a strong conclusion with suggestions, recommendations and a question for my peers. Thank you so much in advance for all your help. I really appreciate it.

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The best way is to keep communicating. If the problems are not actually business based but personal, these will be discovered. However as long as there is communication, everybody is part of understanding the concerns and resolving the issues. Often it is a case of misinterpretation by those not part of the day to day operations.
The first thing to do is sit down with the board and have a discussion about concerns. The concerns should be reviewed for both sides. As the ED, the expectations of the board are a primary concern, but so are the expectations of the ED. As such, the board concerns should be aired, with all members of the board present. This makes the whole process more open and no one can say they were not informed of the problem.
Next, discussions should be professional and recorded. Unfortunately, people need a record …

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