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Initiate a discussion of concepts, ideas, and regarding human resources professionals and their responsibilities in terms of being an integral part of an organization. The goal is to express your thoughts and ideas on the role that you feel the human resources manager has in the overall outlook of the organization.

Consider the following:
• Can an organization survive today without a good human resources department? Why or why not?
• Can the organization continue to grow and move forward without one? Why or why not?
• If you were in charge of a human resources department what are the top three things that you would like top leadership to understand about the department, and why?

Length: 150-200 words

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Human Resource Management Research

  1. An article published the Human Resource Development International, ties human resource development to the principle of sustainability (Scully-Russ, 2012).

A. Sustainability embodies many different principles of management including “environmental activities, human capital, social interactions, political impacts, and economic realities,” (Scully-Russ, 2012). Human resource professionals and their departments are at the very center of all of these management principles.

B. A number of different peer-reviewed articles provide guidance into the duties and responsibilities of human resource managers (Lang & Rego, 2015). These responsibilities include acting as a strategic partner to the organization (Lang & Rego, 2015).

  1. Thoughts and ideas on the role of that the human resources manager has in the overall outlook of the organization.

A. Can an organization survive today without a good human resources department? Why or why not?

  1. The …
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