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Bibliography for American Politics Literature Review


Students will complete an annotated bibliography of their 10 scholarly articles to help them better understand the content and significance of each for their final literature review on American politics during a specific time in history. 


1. Write a brief introduction (about 1/2 a page) describing what year in history and aspect of American politics you are focusing on for your literature review.

2. Complete an annotated bibliography of your 10 scholarly articles according to the UWT Teaching and Learning Center’s instructions on the “Basics of an Annotated Bibliography” (this resource is available in the course Canvas modules section and at the following link: ).

Due Date

Please upload your annotated bibliography into Canvas by Monday, May 13th at 11:59 pm.


The 5 points will be based on the following:

1. All 10 sources are scholarlyarticles 

2. Annotations and Citations of sources are consistent with the TLC resource instructions (APA, MLA, or Chicago citation styles are acceptable)

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