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Complete your assignment in Excel and submit your completed Excel workbook to your Instructor for grading.
3.14.Table 3-6 gives data on X (net profits after tax in U.S. manufacturing industries [$, in millions]) and Y (cash dividend paid quarterly in manufacturing industries [$, in millions]) for years 1974 to 1986.

  1. What relationship, if any, do you expect between cash dividend and after-tax profits?
  2. Plot the scattergram between Y and X.
  3. Does the scattergram support your expectations in part (a)?
  4. If so, do an OLS regression of Y on X and obtain the usual statistics.
  5. Establish a 99% confidence interval for the true slope and test the hypothesis that the true slope table

3.6 cash dividend (Y) and after-tax (X) in U.S. manufacturing industries, 1974-1986
year Y X
1974 19467 58747
1975 19968 49135
1976 22763 64519
1977 26585 70366
1978 28932 81148
1979 32491 98698
1980 36495 92579
1981 40317 101302
1982 41259 71028
1983 41624 85834
1984 45102 107648
1985 45517 87648
1986 46044 83121coefficient is zero; that is, there is no relationship between dividend and the after-tax profit. 


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