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Strategy, plans, and budgets are unrelated to one another.” Do you agree? Explain.
“Budgeted performance is a better criterion than past performance for judging managers.” Do you agree? Explain.
Personal Budgeting: Imagine that you need to prepare a budget. The budget could be for your overall general finances, a big trip you would like to take, something you would like to accomplish, etc.). Describe your budgeting process (Is there a strategy or plan involved?). What line items would be included? How often would you review your budget assumptions and why? Note: don’t just list the estimated costs, you should also indicate how it would be funded (i.e. where is the money coming from?) You don’t have to give numbers but you should be specific.

As the purpose of the discussion board is to expand learning and encourage online collaboration, posts are evaluated and points awarded based on quality, substance and timeliness. As a general guideline, a well-constructed and substantial initial response:
[Remember to include at least one scholarly source in your post or comments. Source must be cited in-text and full reference listed at the end of the post, both in APA format]
Fully answers the question in 60-300 words.
Relates course concepts to the question using direct and/or indirect quotes from 1 or more scholarly sources for each DQ.
Provides specific examples to clarify your posts.
Uses good sentence structure, grammar and spelling; citations and references adhere to APA standards.

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