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1) What is meant by sensory impairment, why is this a falls risk?
2) How does incontinence affect risks for falls?
3) What is meant by gait? What are gait assistance devices?
4) How does moisture increase risks of pressure sores?
5) Why do we need an assessment tool for measuring pressure areas?
6) What information will you be required to provide for the patient and ensure is
documented in the case notes or treatment orders.
7) Define the term micturition?
8) What is CO?
9) Define what orthopnoea, dyspnoea and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea?
10) What is the difference between oedema and pitting oedema?
11) What is a pleural effusion?
12) What is a pneumothorax and the clinical manifestations for this condition?
13) Define what a CT is and its purpose as a diagnostic tool
14) Dignity is what and why is this important to maintain when caring for an individual?
15) Provide a definition of what Maslow’s hierarchy of need is and why is this important to nursing?
16) What does MRI stand for?
17) What is a cerebral aneurysm?
18) What is a stroke and its clinical manifestations?
19) Provide and explanation of what a clipping an aneurysm is?
20) Provide an explanation of what a CABVG is and why this is performed?
21) Why when you have a L) sided hemisphere stroke is the R) side effected?
22) Discuss the underlying pathophysiology of asthma and its signs and symptoms
23) How is asthma managed
24) What is dopamine and where is it produced
25) What is a Thalotomy?
26) Identify the difference between the following –
L1 paraplegic
T6 paraplegic
C6 quadriplegic
C4 quadriplegic
27) What is a tonic clonic seizure and how is this managed?
28) What is a cholinergic drug and what are they used for?
29) Define what Picks disease is?
30) What is phlebitis and what causes this?
31) What are corticosteroids and what are they used for. Provide three examples of the
drugs used.
32) What is a barium enema and why is this test performed?
33) Provide an brief explanation of what a a referral is and why would these be arranged for a client
34) What effects would being diagnosed with uterine cancer have on a woman amd what would you do to support this client
35) In relation to the ANMC competencies what elements best reflect ensuring that we continually update our knowledge and have the interests of the client the forefront
when providing care?

Koutoukidis G , Stainton K and Hughson J 2013 Tabbner’s Nursing Care Theory and Practice 6th Ed., Elsevier, Australia
National Competency Standards for Enrolled Nurses
Thibodeau G, Patton K 2014 The Human Body in Health and Disease 6th Edition, Elsevier, Canada

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