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#1: Think Kathleen is your classmate and you are ask to reply to his post. Reply to Kathleen taking in consideration his answer.

your reply most be relevant to the content of Kathleen post and must be polite.

also must be short and to the point, no more than one paragraph, no less than 4 sentence. reply from your point of view, 100% original from you.

Kathleen post,

Answer the question: Which is more important an ethic to me personally: (1) I want to be good to others because they will be good to me, or (2)  I consider it my duty to be good to others, regardless of whether they will be good to me? Explain why the other choice doesn’t work for you.

Are people naturally inclined to kindness, or do they act from duty?  It is difficult to decipher if people act from duty or inclination.  Kant thought that the moral worth of an action performed from duty lies not in its purpose but the maxim (rule) which it is determined (Deininger).  Kant states “Duty is the necessity of an action executed from respect for law.”  If you are not willing to act in a way that would become a universal law that everyone follows, then the act is wrong.  In Kant’s words, “Act so that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of another, always as an end, and never as a mere means.”  Kant judges the morality of an act solely by its motive and not by its consequences.  Personally, I tend to agree with Kant, that it is one’s duty to be good to others. 

Deininger, Whitaker T. “Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals by Immanuel Kant.”

Kant, Immanuel. “Metaphysics of Morals.”

#2: Think Hannah is your classmate and you are ask to reply to her post. Reply to Hannah taking in consideration her answer. 

your reply most be relevant to the content of Hannah post and must be polite.

also must be short and to the point, no more than one paragraph, no less than 4 sentence. reply from your point of view, 100% original from you.

Hannah post,

Answer the question: After you have watched the videos ”You Will be Googled” and “Online Reputation Management: Welcome to the War,” discuss experiences you have had in any of the following ways:

· you were on a hiring committee for a position, and you Googled one of the candidates

· you Googled yourself

· you were being considered for a position at an organization, and the representatives from the organization Googled you.

Describe your experience in any one, two, or all three of these situations. This is our last discussion for the class.  As you leave the class, use this discussion as a place to receive advice from classmates and to give advice to classmates regarding one’s online presence.

I have never been on a committee to hire someone, nor have I been googled by an organization (at least I don’t think so) so the only option I had was to google myself. Considering my lack of activity on social media and the internet I figured I wouldn’t find anything about me on google! Come to find out there are A LOT of Hannah Burch’s in this world but I managed to find one picture of me. There wasn’t much to see, only one image of myself but I did see a lot of facebook accounts or sports related things on the internet for other girls with my same name. This just shows how easy it is to find things about people. Googling myself wasn’t too crazy of an experience but that was pretty much it. Just one image… I guess this is good, there are no good or bad things for employers to find on the internet about me. 

#3 Think Shane is your classmate and you are ask to reply to his post. Reply to Shane taking in consideration his answer. Shane was ask to create the body of email message below. 

you’re reply most be relevant to the content of Shane post and must be polite.

also must be short and to the point, no more than one paragraph, no less than 4 sentence. reply from your point of view, 100% original from you.

Shane post,

Answer the question:  Please read through the following problem-based scenario about a credit card company manager who receives an application for a credit card from Todd Riley, who is not old enough to apply for a credit card without a cosigner.

Then write a short response to Todd as the scenario describes.  Your response should be about 150-200 words in length.

This might be considered a conventional “bad news” situation.  Nonetheless, consider whether you are really giving Todd bad news.  He  can, after all, get a credit card if he takes some extra steps.

In addition, please respond to at least one other student’s post in this discussion thread.  In your response to a fellow student, comment on the organization, word choice, tone, or whatever else you feel is appropriate.   Please draw upon the Jameson article in your response to your fellow student.  Your response to the other student can be two or three sentences.

Problem-Based Scenario

You are the credit manager for FlashExpress, a growing credit card company, and your department receives hundreds of applications for credit cards each month.  Frequently, you receive credit card applications from individuals under the legal age who are applying for a credit card. Legal regulations prohibit you from issuing a credit card to underage applicants unless a parent or other guarantor cosigns with them. If the minor does not pay, then the guarantor becomes responsible for the account. In addition to requiring a guarantor, FlashExpress requires underage applicants to fill out an additional supplemental form.

In your role as credit manager, write a letter to Todd Riley, a 17-year-old underage applicant, responding to his request for a credit card. Consider your audience, the context, and the purpose of your letter. Your letter should explain that you have enclosed a necessary supplemental form, along with a new credit card application, both of which need to be filled out. The guarantor must sign both forms. To expedite processing, Todd should mention on the top of the application that he has applied for credit previously and should return the application and supplemental form directly to you.

Taken from Smart, K. L., Hicks, N., & Melton, J. (2013). Using problem-based scenarios to teach writing.  Business Communication Quarterly, 76(1), 72-81. doi:10.1177/1080569912466256

Mr. Riley,

Good day to you sir. We would like to thank you for thinking of Flash Express as you’re leading choice for a credit lender. We were happy to process your application received on April 29, 2019. Unfortunately there are a few details in your application that must be rectified before we can issue you one of our premier credit cards. It appears in processing your credit application we have discovered that you are under the legal age limit to issue a credit card without a guarantor to cosign your application. The guarantor is a person of legal age for application of a credit line who will take responsibility for a defaulted credit line of a minor. We have enclosed the necessary forms to be filled out along with a new credit card application that must be signed by yourself and the guarantor. To expedite processing of your new application please note at the top of the new application that you have previously applied and are returning new forms.

All the best in your endeavors,

J. P. Morgan

Credit aficionado esq.

Flash Express

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