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Personal Career Development Portfolio

Students will create a Career Development Portfolio for themselves.  The information that is presented in the portfolio must be discussed within the context of one of the theories we have learned throughout this class.  The portfolio will include the following sections

  • Demographic information
  • 350-700 words (or 1-2 pages) of your career development concerns and why they are concerns (resume development, life planning, education, etc.) and what strategies you have for skill development
  • 350-700 words (or 1-2 pages) of any cultural implications you need to consider and why (value of career, privileges, barriers, generational values
  • Select 2-3 types of assessments and discuss the results and implications (include a copy of these in an appendix)
  • Select two possible career paths.  Be sure to use the resources available to discuss the specifics about the course, including: salary, work schedule, daily work tasks, career path.  Cite any resources you used.
  • Write up a 700-1750 word (or 2-5 page) summary of the information and what it means to you.  Please include specifics about what you learned, what you see you need to do, and how you will use this information going forward.  Finally, include what you might do for yourself if you were your career counselor and why.  Bring in information from what you have learned this term.  Be sure to cite your resources.
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