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Week One Clinical Preparation

This assignment is to facilitate your readiness for clinical placement. Complete the following prior to clinical. Sign and attach this page to your written work.
Personal Introduction (Using essay format, answer the following questions, giving examples):
* What are your feelings as you begin this clinical experience? Complete the following statement: – I feel…
* What past experiences and thoughts might be contributing to the above feelings?
* What personal qualities, strengths, and talents do you bring to this clinical experience?
* Identify one goal for the semester related to your and growth as a nursing student.
3 Questions
* Read the syllabus and list three (3) questions you have about this clinical:
Clinical Site (Research your clinical location and answer the following):
* Clinical Site (Name/type of agency)
* The agencys mission, vision and values
Clinical Unit (Please complete the following):
* Type of unit (long-term care, medical, surgical, rehabilitation, complex care,
* Research and summarize information about this assigned unit.
* Identify 3 expected patient care problems/needs you may encounter on this unit.
* Identify 3 important nursing skills required for this unit.

Research on NSQHS standards

Students are to reflect on their clinical experience to date and with reference to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, select an issue related to one of the Health Service Standards e.g. Medication safety, Clinical handover, Recognising and Responding to clinical deterioration in acute health care etc. Students are required to conduct a review of the literature related to their chosen issue. The review must include the following:
An Introduction/Background
This section describes the clinical problem/issue being addressed and explains why it is problem
Synthesizes trends/themes in the literature (but does not describe individual studies)
What do the results of the review mean for clinical practice or research or the profession?
This task consists of a 3 step process.
STEP 1 Download the Assignment 1 Template and complete the e-Cover page. You MUST use this template for your assignment. Make sure you have used YourLastname_YourFirstname as your file naming format. For example: If a student called Sarah Kingston was submitting her assignment, she would name her file…

It is critical you use this naming convention.
If you do not use this format you will force me to rename the file. This takes me a lot of extra time and puts me in a negative frame of mind before I start marking your paper. This is not a good idea if you want to maximise your marks!
Top of Page

STEP 2 Submit your assignment via the Turnitin Dropbox to have it checked for a similarity index Once you have submitted your assignment, you can view the similarity report online. If your paper has a Similarity Index of > 20% you have the opportunity to correct any potential BEFORE you lodge your assignment. It is CRITICAL you do this to avoid an accusation of plagiarism.

DO NOT submit your cover sheet or reference list at this stage.

STEP 3 Submit your assignment via the NSG2104 DropBox.
Top of Page

Assignment 1 Sample Papers
By way of exemplar, I have included an actual student assignment. I think you will agree it is very good. But it is not perfect. If you can emulate this approach and improve on it, you will do very well.
Download Sample Click the PDF icon to download this sample.
Download Sample Click the PDF icon to download an example of a VERY poor paper. I have marked this up to highlight areas of weakness.

Assignment 1 Checklist
Download Sample Click the PDF icon to download the assignment writing and submission checklist.
Marking Rubric
Download Sample Click the PDF icon to download the Assignment 1 Marking Rubric.
Assignment 1 Marking Criteria
Marking Criteria
Introduction: Demonstrates a grasp of contemporary issues applicable to topic.
Demonstrates a breadth and depth of knowledge on the topic indicating a coherent review of the literature
Content is appropriately objective and demonstrates a critical approach to the topic.
Demonstrates an analysis of the literature relevant to the chosen topic that is structured in a logical, balanced and congruent manner.
Conclusion: Synthesizes research presented in a coherent manner and draws “conclusions” that are more than a mere regurgitation of the main points/topic sentences from body.
Spelling and grammar are correct
Written communication is concise and avoids unnecessary repetition
Sources used to support the review are reputable and current
Sources and quotes are acknowledged and referenced according to APA 6th reference style
Written work is of the required length and is presented in the correct format
Total marks available =

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