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Three important differences between COBIT and the ISO 27000 series

In 500 words or less, explain the most important differences between COBIT and the ISO 27000 series in relation to information security.

Some rules for this assignment:
1. Write everything in your own words. Don’t use any quotes.
2. The 500 words doesn’t include your bibliography. Use your writing course guidelines for preparing your bibliography.
3. Do not include a title page, cover page, or abstract.
4. Single space, 10-point font.
5. Do not use any graphics.
6. Do not exceed 500 words. (Your bibliography is not included in the 500-word limit.)
7. Make sure you clearly identify and explain at least 3 important differences.

Please study the assignment question very carefully and make sure your essay covers the descibed assignment.

Three important differences between COBIT and the ISO 27000 series
Market clearing pricing strategy used by Uber

This will be a continuation of the topic of market clearing pricing strategy used by Uber, along with its other dimensions such as the sharing economy.

In the previous discussion, we considered a situation where Uber can charge a price greater than a traditional cab price for the same trip. In this case, let us consider when Uber charges a market price lower, relative to the Dallas based Cowboy Cab.

1) Assume Mr. Smith is a Dallas local and loves to support local producers. T

hus, he gains a higher marginal utility (benefit) when he consumes Cowboy cab compared to Uber. However, consider:

Operations Management
Company Profile Analysis

You are an HR representative at Delta Corporation. Your manager has asked you to analyze the company profile and address the following in 525 to 700 words:

Assess the current company profile and identify any current or potential diversity issues
Evaluate why diversity is an issue

Create a strategy for recruiting a competent and diverse workforce for your company.
Delta Corporation Company Profile

Delta Corporation – Delta started in 1998 and is a small family-owned firm in the microcomputer business. The company grew rapidly because of its disk, optical, backup drive, and innovative approaches to computer hardware problems. Managers and workers have all put in long hours, often sacrificing their personal time to get the company off the ground as many are long tenured employees.
Employee Profiles


• John Wilde, 33, white male, MBA Marketing, married, 4 dependents. Fifteen years of service, average job performance and a four-year college education.
• Joseph Dana, 55, white male, CPA, widower, no children at home. Started with the company at its inception


• Otis Armstrong, 49, white male, some college, single, 1 dependent at home with 17 years dedicated service. Exceptional corporate knowledge and networking ability enabling him to accomplish what few can.
• Hardy Hanger, 53, white male, PhD Computer Science, married, no children at home, 16 years of service.
• Kent McCullum, 23, white male, 1 year college, single, no children.


• Jake Jakes, 42, white male, been with the company for 5 years, single, custody of 3 children.
• Lance Ripper, 56, white male MBA, rated as exceptionally good manager. Married, 2 children at home. Hired as an HR manager with Debby.

• Debby Wringer, 33, African-American female, BS in HRD, married with no children, 10 years of service.
• Mark Jones, 46, white male, BA in Accounting, single, no dependents. Hired 1 year ago.


• John Wilson, 59, white male, some college, 1 dependent at home. One of the first employees hired. Exceptional corporate knowledge and networking ability enabling him to accomplish what few can.

• Mike Zimbrowski, 54, white male, high School diploma, married, 6 children. Has 16 years good service for the company.

• Julie Windsor, 26, Asian-American female, no college, single, no children, 6 years of service.

• Jimmy Nutter, 50, white male, GED, married with 2 children. Was hired 3 months ago.

• Tony Kite, 49, white male, didn’t finish HS, 21 years at another company, recently hired.
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