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Initial Post Instructions
Explain how a liberal and conservative would approach developing the US budget. Use evidence (cite sources) to support your response from assigned readings or online lessons, and at least one outside scholarly source.

Congressional Budget Office. (2017). The Federal budget in 2017. Retrieved from https://allaplusessays.com/order


Every year, Congress commences work on a federal budget for the subsequent fiscal year. The federal government’s fiscal year runs from 1 stOctober of one calendar year through 30 thSeptember of the next. The work actually starts in the executive arm the year before the budget is to go into effect. Federal agencies develop budget requests and forward them to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB refers to the agency requests as it develops the president’s budget proposal. The president submits his budget proposal to Congress early the next year. Then Congress, which the Constitution puts in charge of spending and borrowing, starts its work.

Annual Funding Areas

The annual budget covers three spending areas: Federal agency funding, called discretionary spending—the area Congress sets annually. Discretionary spending characteristically accounts for about a third of all funding. Interest on the debt, which usually takes less than 10 percent of all funding for Social Security, Medicare, veterans benefits, and other expenditure required by law. This is termed mandatory spending and normally takes over 50% of all funding.

The Complex Role of Congress in the Budget Process


For agencies and their programs to be funded, Congressional authorization committees must pass, and the president must sign, authorization bills giving agencies the legal authority to fund and operate their programs. Normally, without authorization, an agency or program cannot receive annual appropriated funding. Authorization is not tied to the same schedule as the budget appropriations process; programs can be authorized at any time of year on an annual, multi-year, or permanent basis.

Budget Resolutions

Congress’s first task in the annual process is to pass a budget resolution creating a framework and setting overall spending limits. As with most things Congress does, its two chambers—the Senate and the House of Representatives—each draft their own budget resolution. The two plans are merged, and each chamber votes on the identical resolution.

Appropriations Bills

The appropriations committee for each chamber divides the amount allotted for federal agency funding between 12 subcommittees. Each subcommittee is in charge of funding for different functions of government, such as defense spending, energy…FOR A COMPREHENSIVE AND PRECISE RESPONSE, PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH US.

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