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Review the Ethical Practices in EOL Care module.

Palliative care is an immensely important topic for nurses and there are plenty of jobs available. there is a great demand that far exceeds supply which means that the salaries are high and getting better all the time. this is a special kind of nursing also where the connection with the patient is very personal and patients need an enormous amount of empathy to get through this difficult stage of life. there are many companies locally that hire nurses, both small and large. Vista is an example of a large company and they cover all three countries.


Review the Ethical Practices in EOL Care module.
Read the first few pages describing the content
On page 5 are a series of short Case Studies (10 total). Each case study has multiple questions after it. Answer each question after reading the case study. You can utilize Chapter 27 in your textbook to answer the questions.
When you are finished answering all 10 case study questions, check your answers at the end of the document.
You may probably miss a couple of questions. Go back, read the case study again and correct your answer.
Write your reflection(s) about why you answered incorrectly. Do this with at least two questions that you answered incorrectly. You can do more if you feel so inclined.
Your paper should be:
One (1) page or more.
Use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.
Cite your sources – type references according to the APA Style Guide.
Upload your file by clicking “Browse My Computer” for Attach File.
View rubric for grading.

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