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Erosion & Fluvial Processes Assignment Instructions

Each forum assignment is broken down into two basic parts:

  1. InitialPost (worth 15 points)
  2. A follow-up post to communicate with students and further the discussion (worth 5 points)

I. Complete the following for your initial post (part A and B):

A. During this week, you learned a lot about different types of mass wasting events (such as landslides, slump, mudflow, creep, etc.). These events happen frequently. Investigate and find a recent example of one of these events that has occurred somewhere worldwide. By recent I mean within the last two years. In your post, summarize the event itself and describe the cause of the event.

Extra Credit Opportunity(optional; worth 2 points) – include images and/or maps (or other media) of the event to enhance your discussion. There are a lot of satellite “before” and “after” images out there that may be interesting to show. 

B. As you’ve seen in the video “How the Earth Was Made: Grand Canyon”, the formation of the Grand Canyon is complex. In the Fluvial Systems chapter, you learned about how erosive streams can be. The driving force of the formation of the Grand Canyon is the Colorado River. In your own words, describe how the Colorado River created/carved the Grand Canyon. 

Be sure to cite anyoutside resources using MLA citation format. Your initial post should be a  minimum of 250 words. See the “Initial Post Rubric” below for further grading details.  

II. For your follow-up post you must respond to at least  one of your classmates initial post (worth 5 points). Introduce yourself to them. Provide comments/feedback on what they wrote in their initial post and/or ask questions. Your follow-up post should be thoughtful, through, and aim to generate discussion. You are encouraged to respond to multiple classmates, but the minimum requirement is one. Your follow-up post should be at least 100 words minimum. See the “Follow-Up Post Rubric” below for further grading details.  

A few things to keep in mind while completing your assignment:

  • Your participation in these online discussions replaces face-to-face class meetings and should be taken just as seriously as traditional class attendance and participation.
  • highly recommend creating your posts in a document processing program (such as Word) first and then copy and paste it into the forum. This will protect your work in case Canvas suddenly quits or you unexpectedly lose your Internet connection.  
  • Be sure to use complete sentences and remember this is an  academic discussion, not a tweet or text message – points will be deducted for incorrect grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • You will not be able to view the discussion forum until you have created a post yourself. 
  • Lastly, keep in mind that copying work word-for-word (whether from an online source, other students, etc.) is  unacceptable for college-level work, particularly if it makes up the entirety or bulk of your assignment. I need to be able to evaluate  your understanding of the material. 



Follow Up post:

A. At least nine people died in a tremendous landslide which took place at Qinghai in China in August’2017. The incident took place at village of Guoluo Tibetan autonomous prefecture at around 4.30 am. The rescue team immediately rushed on the spot to control the situation as three persons were successfully rescued and admitted to the nearest hospital as one showing no vital signs of life. The rescue officials were putting all their effort to find out other six people who were buried in landslide.

“There are some anomalies that can be used as a sign of landslides.” Li Tiefeng said, for example, trees on the hillside, electric poles, etc. are skewed, cracks in the walls of the house are growing and cracks appear on the slopes, and the pond water on the slopes suddenly leaks. The turbid spring water flowing out at the foot of the slope at the front of the slope shows that the rock and soil on the slope of the mountain is moving downwards, and sudden rapid sliding may occur immediately. In addition, if there is a long period of rainfall in the mountains, the rain is likely to soften and soak the soil on the slopes of the mountain, which is the most prone to landslides.

B. The Colorado River is an artist who carved the Grand Canyon. After the summer thunderstorm, the color of the Colorado River is the same as that of the canyon. It can only be identified from the swells of the turbulence; The turquoise water converges and squats slowly between the canyons. Despite the enthusiasm of the summer and the cold winter, the relationship between the river and the canyon has been around for six million years. Sunshine and white clouds are fighting over the canyon from time to time, and they add an endless style to the canyon.


HKFP. “Landslides in China’s Qinghai and Guizhou province kill 30, two dozen missing.” https://allaplusessays.com/order

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