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Research Paper (280 points) 
(APA format, 5-7 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1 inch
Pick one country that has experienced (or is currently experiencing) a
revolution and analyze its significance for the national security of the
United States. Make sure you have an argument that you support with evidence
from at least 4 articles/books you find useful for your research. Due Week 8
by Friday at midnight. 
In writing your paper, include the following components: 
1. Identify the country you will write about 2. State the reasons leading up
to the revolution – do not just describe what happened, explain how and why
it did 3. Outline the US involvement in the country before the revolution –
why and how has this country been important to the US, in terms of national
security 4. Describe the US involvement in the country during and after the
revolution 5. Identify any threats that the country\’s turbulence now or
subsequent government regime can pose to the national security of the US 6.
Argue why they are significant (or not) 7. Prescribe US foreign policy
towards that country based on different government regimes/outcomes – how
should the US structure its foreign policy towards this country from now on
and why? 
Remember – you are making an argument so always try and explain how and why!

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