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You are almost at the end of your critical thinking journey—but only for this class! Hopefully, this begins a of searching for knowledge, improving yourself, and seeking the truth! We started the course reflecting on what critical thinking is and how we formulate our opinions and beliefs. We then expanded the concept of critical thinking to include consideration of how we relate to friends, family, and other personal situations. This week, we look at a broader scope of areas where critical thinking is vital.

After completing the Learning Activities for the week, please respond to all the questions below. Your response should be a minimum of 175 words total (approx. 50 words per question).

Where do you get most of your news, and how do you analyze what you hear, view, or readon media outlets?
In what ways can/do you, as a citizen, get involved in the governmental process? How do you apply critical thinking when you are involved in these activities?
Share an example of a fallacy or rhetoric you have seen used to market a product or service in commercials, advertisements, etc. How will you use information provided in Ch. 10 of THiNK: Critical Thinking and Logic Skills for Everyday Life to be a more mindful consumer?
If someone asked you what your favorite activity or concept from this class was as well as what the most challenging activity or concept was, what would you tell them and why?

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