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Part 1: What does it take to be a good Hindu? A good Christian? A good Muslim or Buddhist or Jew?

Each great religious tradition offers guidance for living a joyful and fulfilling life.

Compile a matrix (using the blank matrix available in the Doc Sharing section) that compares the basic origin, beliefs, understanding, components, and precepts (commandments) of the five major religions. Include moral duties and prohibitions, ceremonial obligations, and general principles of ethical behavior toward other people.

There may be a degree of overlap among some religions. An obvious example would be prohibitions against murder in both Judaism and Christianity.

Information in the table should be in your own words rather than copied form an outside source. Please list any your references you used to construct your table following the essay in the appropriate APA format. Please use at least three references.

Part 2: After you have compiled your matrix, write an essay of 350 to 500 words in length that synthesizes the information in your matrix into some general conclusions. You should point out what the different religions (Dharmic and Abrahamic) have in common and draw conclusions about the commonalities.

How do these differences or commonalities affect the way you interact with fellow employees now and in the future?

Similarly, you should point out where these differ and offer an analysis of those differences.

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