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For the smooth undertaking of a project, it is essential that communication channels are kept open and easily accessible. For this, a project communication plan which is a tool that contains the objectives of the communication, the target audience, the primary communication contents and the frequency and method of transmission is needed (William Dow, & Taylor, 2010). The project manager of District 4 Warehouse Move project has to ensure that all team members and stakeholders are kept abreast of all activities. First, the manager needs to establish ground rules and define the roles of all team members clearly to avoid conflicts and inconveniences. For instance, the manager should ensure that the contractors responsible for framing the new facility complete their jobs before any electrical and plumbing works can be done. He should avail the project plan to all the contractors so that they may prepare all their resources in time to avoid delays. Any delay at any stage of the project would seriously jeopardize the completion of the project in time and lead to losses.

Also, the project manager should make it known that all critical information must pass through his office. A scenario where certain contractors establish direct contacts with the executives would create an impression of unfair treatment. The project manager is the link between the team members and the company management. He should ensure that all the necessary permits and documentation are in place for the smooth operation of the District 4 Warehouse Move project. It is also imperative that the project manager remains open to suggestions to enhance team spirit. He should maintain an open door policy for any grievances and concerns in the project execution.

During the formation of any project team, some issues may arise. First, the current District 4 Warehouse Move project involves an array of stakeholders with different scopes of duty. Therefore, establishing trust amongst the team members may prove difficult. Sometimes, team members participating in a phase of the project may delay, and this may cause conflicts with the members involved in the subsequent stage. Consequently, any little trust established between the team members may be lost entirely. Another issue that may seriously affect the harmony of the team is lack of engagement. It is imperative that all stakeholders share information about the project to ensure that the design of the project is not compromised at any stage (Roeder, 2013). Payment concerns may also affect the smooth operation of the project. Also, lack of transparency amongst the stakeholders and lack of proper coordination and clear vision may affect the performance of the project.

During the execution of the project, some situations may affect the performance of the team members. For instance, an accident may occur during the implementation of a phase in the project which may lead to delays and incur additional expenses. Also, the bureaucracy in government offices may lead to delays in the acquirement of necessary permissions and documentation needed for the project execution. Another situation may be the delay in the release of funds by the company management which may lead workers to down their tools. Moreover, in a big project like this, there is bound to be some conflicts that if not resolved may affect the integration of the team (Roeder, 2013). There is also bound to be a clash of ideologies and personalities that such a vast and diverse workforce brings.

No project runs without some drawbacks. In the case of District 4 Warehouse Move project, the project manager should expect that some team members may not comprehend or embrace the communication plan efficiently. Also, some team members may fail to meet the deadlines and adapt to some changes during project execution. Finally, the company may fail to avail specific necessary resources for the project completion, and this may cause a lot of friction amongst the stakeholders. Therefore, the project manager should watch out for these pitfalls and formulate adequate measures to neutralize their effect on the project completion.


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William Dow, P. M. P., & Taylor, B. (2010).  Project management communications bible (Vol. 574). John Wiley & Sons.

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