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What is the role of leadership in a creative and innovative culture? What tasks and qualities must leaders focus on to create and maintain an innovative culture?
Week 5 DQ 2
How might a leader generate employee motivation to maintain creativity during times of organizational change? What are two effective strategies to generate motivation? What are two ineffective strategies to generate motivation?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing radical innovative change?

Is radical change the best way to get innovative results? Defend your answer.Some advantages to implementing radical innovative change is less complacency within the organization. Sometimes, the environment may not create the required sense of urgency because the company has a significant advantage sustainable in the foreseeable future or because the market is very stable. In this case, the disequilibria needed to prompt an episode of radical innovation needs to come from inside the organization (Davila, Epstein, and Shelton, 2006).Some disadvantages to implementing radical innovative change is organization cannot always be in a radical innovative period of change because too much change too fast and the tim,,,,,,,,

Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography

Strategic Planning vs. Strategy InnovationIn business, it is vital to separate between vital arranging and procedure advancement. Numerousorganizations have characterized forms for completing vital arranging – which is essentially concentrating on chronicled information and determining foreseen results for the future (Scocco, 2010). It includes making a fit to the present plan of action, a procedure fixated on the organization planning to commend the procedures as of now set up. This system has one major defect, on the other hand, in light of the fact that it depends on the supposition that the future willreflect the past.Contrariwise, new business prototypes are generated due to strategy innovation, as it is adjusted on the market with motives to find innovative methods of constructing worth through new procedures or merchandises. Generally, strategic innovation is a resourceful process where as strategic planning is a chief systematic one; and as Henry Mintzberg specified “…nobody in the history of the world has ever created a strategy through an analytical process” (Scocco, 2010).Although the intent of strategic innovation is to prosper in dynamic markets does not mean strategic planning is a tool of outdated organization. The two can and should co-exist; companies should commence by carrying out strategic innovation in order to classify forthcoming business possibility and drifts in the market. Later, they allocate what they revealed into the analytical practice, making sure the action plot will appropriate the company’s possessions, practices and principles (Scocc

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