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With mass marketing, a company will basically throw all their eggs into one basket generating one marketing plan that they feel will be suitable for as much of the market as possible. While this may have worked in the earlier days of marketing the introduction of the internet, increase in the variety of products out there, and the increase in the number of market segments has made this approach somewhat dated. While it still might be possible for a large brand to use this tactic when they are the only product of their kind being marketed and save some money the odds are they will not be the only type of their product out there for long. A quick trip to the grocery store can help show this by the large majority of name brand products that are also available as “no-name” brands. These products can then get by virtually spending nothing on marketing and still have a shot at making it to a consumer’s home as more and more people look only to compare prices when they shop, or are looking for a more personal touch.

A good example of this is Tide, who some would argue doesn’t need to use targeted marketing, but in this world of the internet, mass media available in more homes, and personally targeted advertising from social media even the big brands need to target their customers (Arndt, Berner, Bianco, Lowry, & Grover, 2004). The world is just becoming too small these days for businesses to continue to think that the old way of doing business will continue to work and needs to evolve with the times.

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Personally I believe that as long as the media for mass marketing such as radio, television, movies (in placement marketing), and newspapers are not dead, then mass marketing is here to stay. However, I do acknowledge the growing importance of targeted …

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