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You will imagine that you have been hired as an Application Security consultant firm for an government organization, where you will be assessing the needs for an Application Security to solve their problem with a lack of Application Security with their enterprise applications.
The organization wants a solution that deals with OWASP 2017 Top Ten Risks as they have issues with every category.

You will:

•       Identify a targeted business problem (IRS SCAMS) that can be supported by an Application Security solution.
•       Write an Application Security solutions document that uses Application Security methodologies to solve a problem.
•       Provide an overview of an Application security solution you propose to implement based on a problem of your choosing.
•       Your audience for this presentation will be senior executives for the company who will decide whether to sponsor and support the project.

The Research paper will be written using the APA style with at least 25 references (20 of which must be peer-reviewed) and contain at least 18 pages

Also please provide a 14 PPT slides as well.
Need it by 06/22/2019 by 12:00 PM CST

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