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The social and economic impact of the Seven Years War

The Seven Years War was the first conflict in human history to be fought around the globe. With a justification, the war that lit up Europe, North America, India, and many other locales from 1756 until 1763 has often been referred to as the real First World War. The Seven Years War enveloped both European and colonial theatres. It was the European counterpart to the French and Indian War from 1754 until 1763. The Seven Years War usually called the war in that period all around the world. We will write a custom essay sample on The social and economic impact of the Seven Years War specifically for you for only

The war began officially between France and England on May 15, 1756, when the latter made a formal declaration of war. The Seven Years War was one of the major conflicts in history since the fall of Rome. It had Bourbon King Louis XV on one side and Frederick II on the other. In North America, hostilities between American and Canadian colonists had erupted two years previously. The war led to the fall of New France.

The War was the culmination of more than half a century of conflict between Britain and France. The Seven Years War was mainly the result of trading rights. The British colonials in America were pinned up against the Atlantic seaboard, with only the Hudson Bay Company in the north challenging the French trading. With thirty-three times the population in less than half the land area, the British found the need to expand. But doing so, they would enter the Ohio Valley, controlled by France.

In 1754 George Washington was ambushed in the Ohio Valley, and this was the catalyst for the in North America to come. From that moment on, both Motherlands dispatched troops, albeit not in equal numbers. For France, the war in Europe was the top priority, so the country sent just a few troops. It also considered it was more important to protect its colonies in the West Indies, since sugar cane was more lucrative than the fur trade in New France. But Great Britain was determined to destroy France’s colonial empire, and it sent more than 20,000 soldiers to America.

In Europe Britain tried to prevent the war from spreading and to isolate France diplomatically.  King George II of Britain was Elector of Hanover in northwestern Germany.  If France occupied Hanover, Britain would be forced to exchange any colonial conquests to regain it.  Further, Britain’s safety from invasion relied on friendly or neutral occupation of the North Sea ports.  Britain had a defensive alliance with the Netherlands and Austria for the protection of the Austrian Netherlands, now Belgium.  Because Britain had planned to commit its troops to colonial conquest, they refused to help defend the Barrier Forts protecting the area, which weakened their ties to their two former allies.

Britain’s interception of the Canada convoy, and not French expansion in North America was interpreted as aggression by the European powers.  Since the alliance with Holland and Austria was doomed, Britain approached Russia for assistance against potential attacks on Hanover from the French or France’s ally from the last war, Prussia.  

Austria interf…………….

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