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Peter R Kongstvedt states, “The case manager is consistently challenged with managing fiscal constraints with patient expectations in light of orders and expectations articulated by the care team. This requires a highly skilled individual, certainly not a job for the faint of heart.” The case manager can also play a role in identifying disease prevention strategies.

In 2 pages, develop a “job description” or job outline for a case manager. Consider disease prevention as part of the responsibilities of the role. Also consider education and skills. Feel free to set up your information in a table. Give your work a professional look, and be sure to include each of the following headings or sections:

  • Facility name
  • Department
  • Position title
  • Classification
  • Position grade or level
  • Shift and/or days of the week
  • Reporting relationships
  • Summary statement
  • Responsibilities
  • Required competencies or position requirements
  • Physical requirements or working conditions
  • Date written
  • Date revised

For information on case managers, see your reading. You may also want to conduct research in the following websites:

  • Case Management Society of America (CMSA)
  • American Case Management Association (ACMA)

Do not simply reproduce a position description that already exists! This is plagiarism. Be creative. You will be evaluated on the information contained in the position description, as well as how professional your document looks.

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